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    I just started running about 9 weeks ago and completed my first 5k in about 17 years yesterday.  I did it in 31.41.

    I did not take my meter with me when I ran in the 5k, partly because I didn't want it bouncing around in a pack on me while I ran and I didn't have anyone else with me at the race.  Is there any packs or ways to carry your meter with you so it won't bounce around and you have easy access to it?

    I just tied my key to my shoe and that was all I had with me.  My name and stuff though was on the race number.

      Congrats on your 5k Smile


      I've used a SpiBelt to carry stuff like my phone and my meter fits in there too (onetouch ultra mini). It's been awhile since I've used the spibelt but I don't think it is too bouncy.


      I also have an Armpocket Sport 20 armband for my phone and use that more. I've never carried my meter in that but it would fit.


      Some RAers bought something called BANDI while at the Flying Pig and they said it works well, no bouncing. Looks like the online store isn't live yet though.


        Both of those ideas look like they might work.  Thanks.  I have a birthday coming up.  I'll have to email these to the wife.

          Congratulations on finishing your first 5K!  Great job.  


          I use the spibelt.  It works fine as long as you don't try to overload it (it will get twisted up).  My pump fits fine in it but not much else.