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Overcoming vs. Enough (Read 182 times)

    My blood sugar prior to my run this morning was 295.  That would normally mean I'd skip the run.  But the weather is awesome, the dog was ready, and I decided to go for it.  Got through my planned 4 miles, and then I had plans to walk/run another couple after that (to the pharmacy to pick up my scripts).   But I made the wise decision to stop at the house to test.   Blood sugar was 75.  Not bad, but not a great place to keep on trucking either.  So I didn't. 


    Not sure if this will make any sense to anyone but me.  It was just nice to strike a balance between overcoming one obstacle, and not feeling compelled to push through another.  Just letting enough be enough.  I know this isn't the typical runners mentality, and I only loosely call myself one anyway, but it felt especially good to find that balance today.

    Progress Trumps Pefection

      Thanks so much for your posts here.  You definitely make sense to me. 

        Thanks Kenny, I appreciate your perspectives as well!  And thank you for validatiing that I'm making sense...at least occasionallySmile.

        Progress Trumps Pefection

          Makes sense to me.  I might have paused, but if I'm under 300 and I'm sure I'm no on the way up, i'll run.