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    hey everyone. Just got diagnosed with type II yesterday. I'm supposed to be running 18 miles this weekend in prep for a marathon. Wondering if I should not. But that is not why I am here, just here to educate myself and meet some like-minded people.


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      Hi Cwolly welcome to the group. I'm a type II as well.  haveyou gotten a blood sugar meter yet?

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         welcome! I am type 2 also. What brought on your diagnosis? Routine check up or were you having symptoms?

          Yes, got my blood sugar reader and insulin yesterday, but the amount is not working. I was 505 after breakfast this morning (yes, you read that right).

          I felt like garbage for about a month now, having all the symptops. Lost 20 pounds, peeing all the time, very tired. Believe it or not, I've been running like this, for as high as 13 miles at a time. I don't recommend it to anyone, but I did it.

          I just hope I can get the right dose over the next few days.

          Thanks for the greetings

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            wow that is incredibly high. I would call your doc witha number like that.  when you run please bring your meter and cell phone (as well as extra carbs)

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              How old are you? Were you terribly overweight before the 20 lbs you lost?

              I'm going to recommend you read this about type 1.5 diabetes and then knowing that, consider probing your doctor about his depth of knowledge regarding diabetes. If he doesn't know much, consider finding a new doctor or asking for a referral to an endocrinologist.

              Your symptoms demand a differential diagnosis of type 1.5 and testing for that possibility.

              I'd also advise against you running that 18 miler with the current state your body may be in. It is more likely to be terribly catabolic than of any benefit.

                Thanks for the advice. I've read about latent autoimmune. I'm actually pretty textbook when it comes to type II. My father got it when he was 32, my grandmother got it when she was 32, I am 32.

                Like I said, I was just diagnosed and started on insulin yesterday, and my quantity is not accurate yet so my blood sugar is still all over the chart. I talked to the doctor and upped the dose today and I'm giong back in tomorrow.

                No, I was 230 before I lost 20 pounds, I'm 6'1. I could still use to lose 20 more pounds.

                I have seen catabolic affects on my muscles over the last month. Visibly.

                  Okay. My concerns were centered around the apparent rapidity of onset, along with the 20 lbs in a month weight loss. That's a lot of fat and muscle to lose in a month and is very much a symptom of lack of insulin. Lack of insulin can occur in couple ways -- autoimmune destruction of the beta cell mass or beta cell burnout caused usually by prolonged periods of high insulin resistance and insulin need.

                  Even with the family history and the extra weight you had, type 1.5 is something you and your doctor ought to discuss.

                  I'm also going to recommend that you look at   Diabetes Forums.

                  There you should be able to get more answers from people who are type 2 diabetics, and if your diagnosis as type 2 is accurate, they should be able to give you better advice about the medications which may be used. Of course, with your blood sugar as high as it presently is, using insulin is a good idea to help bring your glucose levels down. Then hopefully, presuming it's a case of insulin deficiency caused by temporarily overwhelmed beta cells, you would get native insulin production back. But it's impossible to assume anything there, every diabetic is their own unique patient.

                    Thanks for the info Scratch. I've been hypoglycemic for a lot of years, so I wasn't exactly surprised when this all happened. I am looking forward to getting normalized and getting feeling better!



                      Are your bG levels stabilized?  Have you been able to keep up with your long runs?