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Good or bad, anybody want to share their week? Aug 27 (Read 123 times)

    My weekly training is slowly improving.  I am finding that cross-training with a little cycling is enjoyable as well as beneficial.  This week I included a couple more bike sessions.   Three or four good runs and two substantial bike rides seem to work well.


    I will be focusing on bringing my pace/mile down close to 9.5.  My goal before winter is to be able to hold a 9 min pace for 5 miles. 


    Today was somewhat disappointing.  Intended on doing a moderate tempo 5 miler but was spent at mile 3.   A hot sun and only coffee this AM, I am sure I was not hydrated properly or else my BG was low.  Turns out BG was a normal 105.  So I walked the final 2 and drank like crazy while I wrote this post.   John

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      Yes, the heat will get you for sure.  Good to call it rather than make yourself sick.  I had to call one like that recently as well due to the heat.  Frustrating, but smart to live to train another day instead of having a heatstroke!  Sounds like a good goal you have going on the 5 miler @ 9 min pace.


      I'm dialing it back a little this week in preparation for my first OLY distance triathlon on Labor Day.  The swim will likely not be wetsuit legal, which is OK now that I have been getting some open water swim practice in on a regular basis.  Afraid hills on the bike may kick my butt since it's in a hillier area than where I live, but I'm sure I'll get through it.  Last week was my biggest week of tri training ever, and August will be my biggest month -- 100 miles running (assuming I get in at least 3 tomorrow), 324 biking, and 21000 yards swimming + whatever I do the rest of today and tomorrow.  I'm feeling pretty tired, so backing off this week is welcome.  Thankfully no injuries, but a couple of kinks that I've worked out w/ the foam roller.  I really need to get back to doing some regular stretching and light core/upper strength work....always feel better/stronger when I do that.  My weight is at 126.1, and my stretch goal is 125 by 9/30...so I just might make it.  That's down from 148 in November 2010.


      I signed up to run the Carlsbad half marathon in January with Insulindependence and am pretty excited about that.  They do good work encouraging us "D" folks to embrace exercise and just living life to the fullest, including partnering with kids w/ D to help them know it does not have to limit their dreams. 

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        " I really need to get back to doing some regular stretching and light core/upper strength work....always feel better/stronger when I do that."    


        You know, I've been trying to get into a stretching habit for my 30+ years of running.  Eventually I would always fall back on just taking the first mile or two at a warm-up pace.   I just cannot do it.   Same with strength training the upper body.   Maybe I'll give it another try.


        I envy anyone who can train and do a tri, or even a marathon for that matter.  I never could find enough training time for such big events.  Did a few 20Ks and a couple of halves.  There was always "next year." John 

        Discipline is never an end in itself, only a means to an end. (RF)

          Hey John, glad I'm not the only one who struggles to keep up the stretch/strengthen routine! 


          I am definitely not superwoman on the training.  Right now I happen to have the luxury of more time than I have ever had to devote to it.  I was working part time, but lost the client where I had put all my eggs a few weeks ago.  Kind of a bad deal since I had given up work for other clients to serve them.  They were slowly but surely taking the work I was doing for them in house with the gal I had mentored and trained, so not much was left to hang onto.  I haven't gone after anything else yet as we are at a bit of a crossroads personally.  My father-in-law is 92, and needs quite a bit of help and attention.  I am the go-to gal for his needs, and may also need to prep his house for sale soon. My husband is enjoying having me here to tackle some long neglected home projects, and I'm enjoying the ride for a little while.  If I was back at work full time, I really don't think I would be doing as much training as I am now, and my hat is off to those who do. 

          Progress Trumps Pefection


            Yeah, the old "start out slow" has been working well for years so I don't think I'll be developing any kind of serious stretching habit anytime soon.  


            It's great that you have the time to train.  It's not great being unemployed, though.  During life transitions, running can be a good therapy. I find that I think clearer when I am in an exercise mode.  


            We just went through caring for my mother in law who passed at age 96, 45 minutes shy of her 97th birthday.  I understand how much time care for the elderly takes!  It can be very trying at times.  My hat is off to you.Smile  


            Good luck training----avoid injuries at all cost!!  You sound like a super woman to me!  Keep it up and you will certainly have something to look back on with pride.  Remember, it's not boasting if you can do it.  Approve  John

            Discipline is never an end in itself, only a means to an end. (RF)