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    Using a dexcom for a trial week.  First run today, said I was really low but didn't feel it.  Had been pretty accurate during day.  Wondering if I was going really low during runs and didn't know it or if dexcom had me lower than i really was.   Non running related, But also struggling because with Dexcom I definitely look like I am higher than I had thought I was.  My 2hour pp are much higher than I thought they were.



    I'm so frustrated. 


    Currently doing 1:15 novolog/carb and 15 units of Lantus, Fasting ranging from 80s-120


    I have been to Endo who is helpful but still feel like I am not finding someone to give me more indiviudal answers.  I appreciate any insight from you guys.  Awaiting apt with nutritionist.


      I did a week long trial run with Medtronic's CGM a couple months ago.  I kept track of my bG with the glucometer they provided and with my own.  I was surprised by the wide range of scores I would get at the same time (up to 30 points difference).  The trends shown by the CGM, however, did correlate with the other meters reasonably well. 


      I've had wide swings with my bG while running and have had some marked drops.  I guess the CGM is helpful for giving the trend data (going up or down and a figure that is in the ballpark).  I don't trust them for accuracy however. 


      Your daily dose is probably pretty low (under 50?).  What was your last A1C?



        Hi ran13,


        Sorry for your frustration.  I understand, and think we all feel it at some level.  As far as finding someone to help with individual answers, the best help I've gotten with that is from a certified diabetes educator and registered dietitian.  The endocs very often just don't see that as their role. 


        Unfortunately, the CGM isn't intended to take the place of the BG meter.  Definitely test to confirm those post meal highs and the lows while running that you're seeing.  Yes, take your meter with you, or stash it in your car and run loops so you can stop by and check.  I have the minimed CGM, but only wear it some of the time, and it gets "off" very easily so I can't trust it witout a fingerstick test fest.  I loved seeing the data at first, but even that can become a real psychological grind unless I'm actively trying to figure something out or make a change.  I wrote a blog post a while back called "life is not a flat line".  The CGM proves that a litte too well sometimes.  I'm afraid it is just another tool in our arsenal, but doesn't replace any of the other tools.


        Don't remember how long you've had the big d, but have you considered an insulin pump?  I'd recommend it if you haven't.  It's the best tool as far as I'm concerned, and has allowed me to come closer to "normal" life than anything else.  Having the power to change my basal rates and boluses depending on what's going on in my day really helps.  Planning to run in a couple of hours?  Either turn the basal rate down, or eat a light carb snack and only bolus for 1/2 the normal amount.  Harder to do those things on a Lantus/Novolog routine.


        Hope some of that helps, and at least know you're not alone in the struggle.

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          Your daily dose is probably pretty low (under 50?).  What was your last A1C?





          I have only been diagnosed for about a month, so my last and first A1C was 12.2.  My C-peptide was 1.0 so i am probably making some insulin still.  My antibodies were pretty high however.  


          I have really liked having the CGM though, knowing what way I was going has been helpful, especially today during a five mile run.


            Carol, thanks for your responses, they are comforting.


            I have been diagnosed for a month and definitely thinking about a pump, currently trying to decide which one to go with.  I have been leaning towards omni pod and medtronic.  I hear that in August the omni and dexcom cgm will "talk" to each other.  And i have heard less good things about the medtronic cgm.   What kind do you have?  Do you like it?  How did you choose which one to get?


            I had a great race today!  5miles.  I got my blood sugar up to 240 and kept eating swedish fish throughout the race and it was 130 when I was done.  I was pretty happy with that (considering on Thursday I was down to 47 during a five mile run).  I felt great and dropped nicely after I finished racing.  I think that they may be helpful to start higher than I had done before.  So hopefully that will help for awhile.  Not that I know if thats heathly or not, but it worked for me

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              If you have to have your blood sugar high to start, then eat like crazy during a run, your Lantus dose may be a little high for you. It will be easier to manage things like that if you get a pump.

              I would suggest that any diabetic runner consider joining Glucomotive.

              I'm a member, and I have have friends in the club and in the nonprofit organization it is part of, but I'm not working for them. I just think it's a great group.

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                Thanks for the tip on Glucomotive Jerry.  It looks good.


                  I find the Dexcom CGM unreliable while running or in any strenuous exertion.  It's probably because it's 15 minutes behind your BG reading.  So I'll often start feeling a low long before the Dexcom alarms.