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Metformin and Marathon Nutrition (Read 353 times)


    Hi - I'm a type 2 on Metformin.  I have a few half marathons under the belt with no issues and I am hoping to tackle a full marathon this year.


    Any experiences on how Metformin could impact my game? For instance, did it make the "wall" hit earlier?


    Naturally I will be asking my GP for advice, but there is nothing like hearing it from people who actually run.


    Cheers in advance ...

      I can't help with any knowledge of metaformin or type 2 and running. I can say that the wall, when I've hit it, still happened around about the same point being type 1 and on non-diabetic marathons years before when it got me as well.


        Cheers ... something to look forward to then ... nice use of the Gaeilge

          I'm T2 and use Metformin as well.   When I was really running long and hard a couple of years back, I had to cut my dose in half as my numbers tended to be low.  What has been your experience?

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