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Sub 3hr Marathon (Read 189 times)

    Been ages since I posted in here and can't even remember if I was bothering with marathons back then. But on Monday I finally managed to do a 2:58:54 marathon in Dublin and the daft grin hasn't left my face since. Big grin


    Have had trouble in the past with trying to get the insulin to behave for covering log training runs, and I think that not quite getting that right may have caused my crashing into the wall when I did a 3:27 in Rotterdam back in April. I unscientifically messed about with my dosage this weekend though and survived the distance, and had a bm of 7.6 at the finish. Will be seeing if I can get put on a pump next month hopefully which might make things easier from some of what I've read and dealing with the distances  I should have been doing in training.

      Congrats on a seriously speedy marathon!  You deserve to keep that daft grin as long as you'd like Smile.  Is there a European version of the Boston Marathon?  Is so, I'm assuming you are in!


      Betting you will love what the pump does for your ability to adjust things for your runs....and the rest of life.  Trick is to not treat it as license to eat on a whim just because you can, else the waistline expands, and the running times do too (speaking from experience here).


      Enjoy your victory over the marathon distance as well as diabetes!!!

      Progress Trumps Pefection

        Outstanding Robin!!! Great job.  Congratulations.

          Thanks guys.


          Well my brother is trying to get me to head over his side of the pond and do the Boston marathon. I think he may just be upset that I have now smashed the time he did there years ago so wants to see what I can do on the same course. Unsure if I want to commit to doing another one anytime soon though as although I never did enough training really, they do take a lot of time and effort out of the rest of your life.


          For the next while I expect I'll stick to nothing further than a half and see what I can do to my PBs on those shorter distances.


          Have got a letter about the pump now, but think it may be a loooong process to actually get one signed off yet, but they have confirmed that they are going to be putting me forward for one at least. I am getting all motivated about pumps now I've not got a marathon to think about, but trying to figure out how it would work around the running is a bit confusing. But I guess it should actually be "simpler" than with multiple injections as you have much more control over what is going into you when and can adjust things appropriately. I'm just ignoring the very slight concerns about not wanting something plugged into me all the time. But, I take multiple injections a day at the moment, that would freak most people out...and would probably have freaked me out shortly before diagnosis, so not really a very logical "fear" when I think about it. Big grin