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Running with a pump (Read 267 times)

    Just been aproved to get a pump.


    Will still be a little while I actually get my hands on it as I've to go in a pick which one I want just after new year, think it's a choice of AccuCheck Combo or an Animas Ping (?). Then I'll be off skiing for a week and will probably get it a week or so after that.


    Any tips on pumps, or even knowledge of those models, how to deal with running with it, anything I should be quizzing the doc about when I see them????


    Edit: Actually, I'm not certain if it is the Ping model that they have, could be 2020 according to the Animas website.

      Sorry for the delayed response to this...Did you get a pump?

        Also sorry for the delayed response. Wink


        Yes, I did get the pump and I've been using it for a month now. 


        It is barely noticeable day to day, except for when it falls off my belt loop and it then hangs loose. I've learnt from that though now and have not dropped it in a couple of weeks now.


        I was supposed to take a couple of weeks off from running once I started using it with insulin, but after a week I was going crazy sitting around doing nothing so went out running with the club a couple of times before I went out on my own. Have still not got if completely figured out with how much to reduce the basal settings by for doing different events, or racing as opposed to just training runs. I've done a couple fo races now, but the first one I just did as a tempo effort and tried pacing a friend to break their target. Last week I did a very hilly half marathon race which was the first effort going full on, but I survived and am now happy enough to carry on with it. I have another 4x5mile relay race on Sunday so I have to get things right for that as it's more responsibility with other peoples race depending on your effort as well.