Running Clubs


  • GB High Milers

    This is a Green Bay Wisconsin training and racing group for high school and college athletes.

  • Gendron Racing TeamPrivate group

    Accountability and advice group for the Gendron Racing Team.

  • Greater Derry Track Club

    The best little running club in Southern NH.

  • Hall 83Private group


  • Hardin County RoadRunners

    This is a group from Wyandot and Hardin Counties in Ohio. We like running 5Ks and working out together. Once we get everyone signed up, we will post challenges. If you would like to join this group, we will love to invite you. E-mail me at and I would be happy to get you the passwords you will need to join!

  • HCS Friends

    This group is for HCS friends of different running abilities and experiences to stay connected on what we're up to (as far as workouts), and where we need help. Even if we are not the same pace, we can still encourage eachother to put down the Twinkie, take some Advil, get over the pitty party and RUN! Afterall, we ROCK. Giddy-up, let's chat it up!

  • High Quest Running GroupPrivate group

    Running with Christ and making an impact in the lives of others

  • Iowa State University Running Club

    A group for current or alumni members of the Iowa State Running Club who are looking to track their mileage and view the training logs of teammates. The maps tab is updated with some of the common routes we run around Ames.

  • LG-MadlenPrivate group

    Private Laufgruppe in Berlin gegründet 2006

  • Long Run Lunatics

    Come out and join us for one of our long runs and you will soon find out! What you will most likely find are a bunch of really great people who enjoy hanging out for a couple of hours on Saturday mornings by running the streets (and trails) of Columbia, Missouri. We enjoy the social aspects of group running as we discuss life, family, work, food and sometimes we even talk about running.

  • Long Running ClubPrivate group

    Houston Chinese running group

  • Marathon Maniacs

    A group for members of the Marathon Maniacs to meet.

  • Marla Ege AtletizmPrivate group

    Platform for club members to communicate.

  • McFarland Track Club

    Just your average joes kicking ass around Lake Waubesa.

  • MDRAPrivate group

    This is for members of the Minnesota Distance Running Association (MDRA).

  • Missoula Marathon Training Class 2016

    Run Wild Missoula's Missoula Half and Full Marathon Training Class 2016

  • MSDP Alumni

    MSDP(Mahomet Seymour Distance Project) begins with runners in our successful high school program led by head coach Neil Garrison. The program has four state trophies, two runner-up and two first place, along with a third place finish at NXR is 2016 followed by a 17th place finish at NXN. This group belongs to the alumni of that school, so our success never ceases.

  • Murfreesoboro Pacers

    Murfreesboro, TN running club

  • My Last Run Was

    This is a group of runners who support each other, lend ideas and tips about running, and share our recent most recent runs with each other.

  • NoFlyNoDriveZonePrivate group

    This is the running club created for the log sharing among members of the forum called NoFlyNoDriveZone. Please refer to the following link and apply to join the forum.