Running Clubs


  • SEMDEC Running ClubPrivate group

    Semi-decent runners and people hailing from Southeast Minnesota.

  • Shamrock Running Club

    Shamrock Running Club is based in Woburn, MA. are an energetic group of runners who have fun! Our club is open to ALL abilities.

  • Somerville Road Runners

    I created this group for members of the Somerville Road Runners in Somerville MA. I have no idea if it will get any use but who knows? -Joe O'Leary

  • Sp-Otte

    Spitzer-Otte Training Group

  • Steve RunsPrivate group

    Meggie and Sarah

  • Stony Lake StridersPrivate group


  • Strike EaglePrivate group

    Fitness Center incentive program 500 and 1000 mile club

  • Team GamerPrivate group

    A forum for running talk for us.

  • Team HocketPrivate group

    Backcountry Rise

  • The HillPrivate group

    The Climb

  • The League of Extraordinary Runners

    The League of Extraordinary Runners Humanity commissioned the Executive Council in October of the year 2006 to recruit patrons to further the presence of athletic prowess in the world today.

  • The PA_VA_ME RunnersPrivate group

    Family with members in PA, VA and ME

  • The Postfontaine Project

    Prefontaine showed us what running could be; the Postfontaine Project is the embodiment of that vision.

  • The Zekey BearsPrivate group

    The only thing we love more than running... is ZEKE!

  • TLTQ

    Training Logs

  • Triskelion Arwen runners

    Triskelion is a greek term meaning "three legged" And thus this sign looks very much like three legs running. The celtic symbol meaning here is appropriate because this symbol stands for competition and progress. Arwen symbol first and third rays represent male and female energy (respectively) The middle ray represents the balance of both energies! so the understanding is that we are united a team

  • UCXC Alumni

    This training log is for the use by graduates of The University of Chicago who ran Cross Country as collegiates. Hopefully it will be a way to stay in contact with each other regardless of where you may be currently living.

  • University of Chicago Road RunnersPrivate group

    University of Chicago Road Runners Running RSO is open to all current UChicago students regardless of ability or running experience.

  • Vilardo Track Club

    Vilardo TC

  • We Run New Hampshire

    Anyone who loves to run in New Hampshire