Social Groups


  • 2017 in 2017 Baby Got TrackPrivate group

    A meeting place for the members of the 2017 in 2017 Team 10 to keep in touch.

  • 2017 in 2017 Scrambled LegsPrivate group

    For the members of the to-be-named Team 1 of the 2017 in 2017 game.

  • 2017 in 2017 Team 9 from Outer SpacePrivate group

    Meeting place for 2017 in 2017 Miles Game Team 9

  • 2017 Shamrock 1000 Mile Club

    28 members ran 1000+ miles in 2016. Let's do it again. Join the Shamrock Running Club members on their quest to run1000 miles in 2017

  • 2017in2017

    Group for the 2017in2017 Game

  • 2017in2017 Miles to Go-Team 7Private group

    2017in2017 Miles Game team probable winners.

  • 2017in2017 Pimp My StridePrivate group

    2017 in 2017 Team 4

  • 50 and over 5k and beyond

    Well apparently there are a bunch of us out there 50 and older, and we are either ready to finish the C25k program or have finished it. So, now what? Do you try to improve your time? Your distance? Both? Do you run races to stay motivated? Do you run outside, or on a treadmill? Is one better than the other? Are you dealing with any running-related injuries, and what are you doing about them

  • 50 States

    Discussion of best marathons to run in each of the 50 states.

  • A-Z Recipes

    Anyone wanting to share and/or find a yummy recipe, come on in!! Enjoy! ;o)

  • Bad News RunnersPrivate group

    This is the island of misfit runners...

  • Bearded Runners Unite

    If you have a beard, and you run. You may join this group!

  • Beer DrinkersPrivate group

    Private group

  • Beginners and Beyond

    This group is open to all runners, beginners and veterans alike. We talk all things running like nutrition, injury prevention, and training/pacing strategies for all race distances. We also talk non-running related things like best candy, hottest actor/actress, and worst TV show. So if you're serious about running, but not so serious about everything else, drop in and check us out.

  • Beginners and Beyond MILES GAME

    A group for participants in the Miles Game, a friendly, laid back competition founded in the RWOL Beginners Forum-A fun way to motivate your miles and a chance to get to know people in a small group setting (aka the team thread or FB group). Teams consist of both low and high mileage runners. Weekly posting of mileage is all that is required. All are welcome.

  • Berea Running Alums

    A few old guys still trying to run........although the majority just sit around doing nothing.

  • Beta Users GroupPrivate group

    A place for RunningAHEAD beta users to gather, share ideas and suggest new features.

  • Beth and ChrisPrivate group

    For you Beth, to check up on me when we can't talk everyday.

  • Bird Haters

    For all of us who really hate Mr Bird.

  • Birrenkott Running GroupPrivate group

    The Birrenkott family running group.