Social Groups


  • HOEKersPrivate group

    Hoekstra & Kerssies Family running logs

  • Homemade Pies and More

    we like to run. sometimes we care who knows.

  • In Your PacePrivate group

    2019 in 2019 Game - In Your Pace

  • Individuals for the 2019 game

    For runners who are Individuals in the 2019 Game or missed signups.

  • Jiggly Joggers

    Not-quite-svelte members of Running Ahead who run for fun, overall fitness, AND with the goal to leave a few pounds in the dust. After all, the fewer pounds we carry, the easier (and faster) we can cross our respective race finish lines!<br> <br> :)

  • Jogging Enthusiasts USAPrivate group


  • Just a Bunch of Turkeys StreakingPrivate group

    Let's support each other by streaking 1 mile per day between Halloween and Thanksgiving!

  • Kim's Group

    For people in my running bubble.

  • Left Wingnuts

    Are you convinced that the Left is right and the Right is wrong? Well, this is the place for you. All viewpoints are welcome, but no trolls please. We'll be civil to each other, but not the politicians. Be forewarned: Fans of Limbaugh/Hannity/O'Reilly et al will probably not enjoy what we have to say. Sense of humor strongly encouraged.

  • Letters & Opinions

    Insubordinate and Churlish - Enter at your Own Risk Yes, admittedly, almost every single one of these people is a tedious wet-mouthed ninny who found themselves stuck in the self-administered clutches of pathetic arrested development.

  • LLR of Sibling SlappersPrivate group


  • LolcatopPrivate group


  • Lothar Distance Project

    LDP (Lothar Distance Project) is post collegiate athlete running group of Wartburg cross country and track alumni.

  • Maddog Running ClubPrivate group


  • Marathoner Dailies

    Virtual training group for marathoners. We post our daily workouts, compare training plans and share stories of success/failures. All are welcome to join.

  • Masters Running

    Primarily for the 40+ age group. New to running, no problem. Plenty of running vets to show you the I guess that shold be laces. Fun or serious, its all good. Enjoy![IMG][/IMG]

  • MITBBS Runners



    Do you wear shoes and have all of your teeth? Never enjoyed a beverage out of a massive clay jar with XXX hand-scrawled on the front? Do you think yawl is a nautical term? And let's have a quiz about boiled okra: Is it more similar in consistency to an old shoe or unchecked snot? If yer answers are: yes, no, yes, shoe...then don't let the screen door hit you where the good lord split you!

  • Nickelback Appreciation Group

    For those of us who enjoy Nickelback and running to their melodic tunes.

  • O'Fallon XC Alumni

    O'Fallon XC alumni group