Social Groups


  • Letters & Opinions

    Shambolic - Enter at your Own Risk

  • Letters & Opinions kk version

    Kick back with the transatlantic kat.

  • LLR of BananusPrivate group


  • Lothar Distance Project

    LDP is for Wartburg Cross Country Alumni that want keep in touch while they continue to pursue their running goals and dreams. Whether that be an Olympic trials birth or a new pr, we love to hear how training is going. #GoKnights

  • Maddog Running ClubPrivate group


  • Marathoner Dailies

    Virtual training group for marathoners. We post our daily workouts, compare training plans and share stories of success/failures. All are welcome to join.

  • Masters Running

    Primarily for the 40+ age group. New to running, no problem. Plenty of running vets to show you the I guess that shold be laces. Fun or serious, its all good. Enjoy![IMG][/IMG]

  • Meet Me In St. Louie 2013Private group

    nunya bidness

  • Mile Loggers

    We are a group of runners that started C25K sometime between August and December of 2007 and are here for encouragement, accountability, and fun. Some of us are now ready to start the One Hour Runner Program and will be posting our progress.

  • MITBBS Runners


  • Mother FootersPrivate group

    For the members of Team 6 of the 2022 in 2022 miles game.


    Do you wear shoes and have all of your teeth? Never enjoyed a beverage out of a massive clay jar with XXX hand-scrawled on the front? Do you think yawl is a nautical term? And let's have a quiz about boiled okra: Is it more similar in consistency to an old shoe or unchecked snot? If yer answers are: yes, no, yes, shoe...then don't let the screen door hit you where the good lord split you!

  • Purdue Friends

    Just friends that I run with!

  • RA Running Game 2020

    For members of the 2020 Running Game

  • RA Running Game 2021

    For members of the 2021 Running Game.

  • RA Running Game 2022

    For members of the 2022 Running Game.

  • RaeAnn & Brad ChallengePrivate group

    Our 6 month challenge to run 1 mile/day starts on 7/1/12 and ends 12/31/12. Goal of 184 miles run in the next 6 months.

  • Rants and Raves

    If you want to argue left vs. right, come here.

  • Return to RacingPrivate group

    The forum for Team 1 of the 2021 game, known as "Return to Racing."

  • RPI XCTF AlumniPrivate group

    Alumni from the Cross Country and/or Track and Field teams of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute! Welcoming anyone who was any part of the team.