Social Groups


  • Rants and Raves

    If you want to argue left vs. right, come here.

  • Return to RacingPrivate group

    The forum for Team 1 of the 2021 game, known as "Return to Racing."

  • RnC Running is the new CrackPrivate group

    2018 in 2018 RnC

  • RPI XCTF AlumniPrivate group

    Alumni from the Cross Country and/or Track and Field teams of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute! Welcoming anyone who was any part of the team.

  • Run Like the Winded 2020 gamePrivate group

    The number 1 team for the 2020 running game.

  • Run, Rest, RepeatPrivate group

    Private forum for members of Team 3 in the 2020 mileage game.

  • Running Lawyers and Lawyers-to-Be

    If you count your runs not in miles, but six minute increments, this is the group for you. For lawyers and lawyers-to-be that run - not just their mouths, but with their legs too!

  • Senior Grand Masters-60 and Older

    A group for runners 60 and older. All levels of runners are welcome whether you're just starting out or if you've been running for the last half century. Feel free to post about your victories, your aches and pains, special challenges as your are aging, or anything else that might be of interest.

  • Sole Mates ClubhousePrivate group

    Forum for Sole Mates 2020 in 2020 team (formerly Team 5).

  • The Bike Shop

    All things bike and bicycle related, whether it's cross training, injury recovery, multisport, on-road, off-road, the pure sweet hell of Cyclocross, mechanics, you name it. Special discounts for JDRF Ride to Cure folks! You can join for free!

  • The Cage

    A place for friends.

  • The MachinePrivate group

    This group is for the extremely driven degenerate. If you fit this profile, there is only one not get offended here. Okay, I just got my 48-hour psych on. In all seriousness now, let's get out there and own this race. Because with all the competitiveness, shit-giving and banter, it's really a team race. We've formed into a pretty good team, including cheerleaders and non-running a

  • Thyroid Q and A or Running Hot and Cold

    This is a group for people who are on or who have experienced that roller coaster ride called "Thyroid Condtion". If you have questions, about yourself or maybe your SO, please come join us. If your thyroid is regulated, please come share your story with those who are still on the journey.

  • Time To RunPrivate group

    just a group

  • UChi-CreepsPrivate group

    This is so alumni can creep on current students in an appropriate manner. #nsfw

  • ugly sweater party


  • Washed up and still trying

    For all of us still out their biking, running, paddling, skiing, snowshoeing, and just being active. Log your shit so we can read diaries.

  • WeaverGirlsPrivate group

    Mother daughter group

  • Womens Running

    A group for women who run. Come on in and join the conversations or ask questions related to running and being a women. Great way to relate to other women that love to run!

  • Worst Pace Scenario 2020

    Team 6 for the 2020 in 2020 Running Game