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  • Low HR Training

    This is a group for discussing Low Heart Rate training and it benefits, negatives, etc. The rage started back in the 60's with Dr. Ernst Van Aaken and today can be called Maffetone, Hadd, Mittleman, Mark Allen. Low HR Training can be best described as running at or below 70% of your Max HR to build your aerobic base. We used to use the talk test back in the 70's.

  • Marathon Training and Discussions

    If you are a veteran Marathon runner or a Marathon Virgin, this is the place to share training tips, schedules, thoughts and the excitement of your first or fiftieth Marathon. ~ Daddyo

  • Maratoniks vormi

    Tublid Eesti naised annavad endast parima

  • Martial Artist Runners

    For the martial artist who also runs. Or the other way around. :) Karate. Tae Kwon Do (taekwondo). Kempo. Kung Fu. Judo. Aikido. Wu Shu. Tai Chi. Kendo. Mixed Martial Arts. What's your passion?

  • MIT

    A place to log your weekly mileage and find answers to life's questions =)

  • NBMA Tony

    NBMA Windermere training group.

  • Pinault

    Team Pinault!

  • PR-ur-PANTS

    Joel likes to make you run smart.

  • Purdue Peeps

    Purdue runners

  • Run for the World 40,000km Group

    RUN AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAY! Saturday October 4th 2014 On one day every year we want to join together around the world to Run for the World. In 24 time zones we want to accumulate a grand total of 40,000 KM – the distance around the world. LOG YOUR MILES AS YOU TRAIN AND WE WILL ADD YOUR TOTAL TO THE ANNUAL GLOBAL TOTAL TO SEE HOW MANY TIMES WE CAN RUN AROUND THE WORLD TOGETHER./Users/gra

  • Run Illini Run Half Marathon Team

    This group is for the Run Illini Run half marathon training group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

  • Run.Eat.Sleep.Repeat

    Great group of running buddies with awesome running coversations!!

  • Running For Two

    Running while pregnant and training for labor! Motivation, benefits to mom & baby, pregnancy racing, cross train and more!

  • Running-Wizard

    Users of the Lydiard inspired training plans available at

  • runnit


  • Sub-4 Marathon Group

    We are the Running Donuts: A running group training to run marathons under 4 hours. Join us!

  • Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

    Hadouken! Hadouken! HADOUKEN!!!

  • Swim Bike Run

    A group for triathletes and those who love them. Key words: Triathlon Duathlon Multisport

  • Swimmers

    Swimming is great crosstraining for running. This is a group to share info on endurance swimming technique and events. Whether you're a beginner, a veteran, or a channel-crosser, this group may be for you!

  • Toronto the good October 19, 2014

    flat fast festive