Training Groups


  • Chicago Marathon

    Welcome to all runners training for and racing in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Everyone is welcome to discuss race training, share strategy and advice, and ask questions about the race and about the city of Chicago. Anyone who has raced in past years is encouraged to share their experiences and advice. We also welcome discussion of other Chicago area running topics and races.

  • Clovis Running GroupPrivate group

    Racing and Training

  • Coal Creek Canyon Runners

    Coal Creek Canyon Colorado. We run on trails and the backroads all around Coal Creek Canyon. We will generally meet on Sundays but All days are game. All levels of experience are welcome.

  • Couch to 5K and One Hour Runners

    This group is for people using the "Couch to 5K" (C25K) program to get off the couch and get in shape and for people using the "One Hour Runners" (OHR) program to increase their running time.

  • deg-Renner

    We are a group of runners at a software company (data experts gmbh) in Berlin.

  • Dick Pond Lisle Crew

    Whether you run competitively or just for fun, join us!

  • Dirty Mike n the Boys

    Waverly Runners based in Ohio

  • DLS and Relentless Running ProjectPrivate group

    Ben doing his best to make Dan a little faster and a little more sore each morning.

  • Fetro Running ClubPrivate group

    Training Group for the Fetro Running Club.

  • FlooflepoofPrivate group

    Flooflepoof join group so we can easily hold each other accountable. Eskeet.

  • Forerunner 405

    Training group for folks who have a Garmin Forerunner 405 (and especially for those who might need help with using one)

  • Frequent Racer Group

    Our group is for frequent racers, people who can't really resist the urge to sign up for a race and then to run it as hard as possible! Let's share our stories, training approaches, lessons learned and have some fun as well! Runners of all ages and levels are welcome!

  • Gilbert Running Club

    Family Group

  • Grandma's Marathon groupPrivate group

    Training and accountability group for those running Grandma's or are planning on simply staying in shape

  • Half Marathon Trainers

    The Half Marathon Trainers group is a community of runners who target the half marathon as their preferred distance and share in that journey. We try to help each other striving to achieve or improve at the half marathon. We share advise on training plans, training tips, training advice, races, and other events with a focus on the half marathon.

  • HCS Plank Challenge December 2014Private group

    Winter Planks Challenge

  • Hero_FriendsPrivate group

    Social runners and friends from Maryland

  • Illini Marathon TrainingPrivate group

    Marathon/half-marathon training for Illini marathon in April 2020.

  • Improving Your 5K

    This group is meant to help you improve your 5k time. there will be a daily 7-day running schedule to help you improve. then in the forums we talk about our accomplishments.

  • Jacuzzi Boiz running club