Training Groups


  • Marathon and Speed TrainingPrivate group

    Marathon and speed training.

  • Marathon Race Training

    Originally meant as a replacement for the lost and lamented Marathon Race Training forum on RWOL, now home to anyone who wants to discuss marathon training and racing.

  • Marathon Training and Discussions

    If you are a veteran Marathon runner or a Marathon Virgin, this is the place to share training tips, schedules, thoughts and the excitement of your first or fiftieth Marathon. ~ Daddyo

  • Marla

    Marla group for sharing of training plans, routes and ideas.

  • McCarty GiftPrivate group

    The McCarty brothers and their peeps!

  • MorgcatPrivate group

    Private group

  • Mother Daughter TrackingPrivate group

    My mom likes to keep track of my activities. Plus, now, she can track hers.

  • My training notesPrivate group

    a place to store thoughts

  • NFNDZWolfPrivate group

    This is an invitation only private running group from NFNDZ.

  • North Central Alumni and FriendPrivate group

    This is a group for North Central College Alumni and their friends. Even though we can't train at each others sides any more, we hopefully can keep each other motivated by sharing our training and critiquing others.

  • Norwich Running PalsPrivate group

    Putting the trauma of college behind us, one mile at a time.

  • NYC Marathon runners

    Discussion for runners hoping/planning to run the New York City Marathon

  • Peyton and StephaniePrivate group

    Training logs for the best couple.

  • Phantom Mileage ClubPrivate group

    A tracking system for the mileage clubs. You may only earn one shirt per tour. So come "checkout" when you have the most miles of your tour. Clubs for 150, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 750, and 1000 miles. -Andrew Johnson

  • PinaultPrivate group

    Team Pinault!

  • Post College Run Cause We Love It

    Hi guys we can spend some time together on the interwebs, even if we are apart horrah! Let's cheer each other on in this thing called life! )

  • RA Coaching Forum

    Group set up for those interested in getting specific advice, or helping out the group.

  • Rodriguez TrainingPrivate group

    A group to track progress!

  • Run Walk Run Method

    Group discussion of the Run Walk Run Method. Users can ask questions about the method or just post their experiences. This might be a great training method for new runners or those coming back from injuries. Jeff Galloway has published an entire book on this training method.

  • Run, Sweat and BeersPrivate group

    Group for 2018 in 2018 game Team 3.