Training Groups


  • PinaultPrivate group

    Team Pinault!

  • Post-Collegiate Dragons Den

    For post-collegiate runners running for fun, and personal beer-mile bests.

  • RA Coaching Forum

    Group set up for those interested in getting specific advice, or helping out the group.

  • Randemily Gregabeth groupPrivate group

    This group is for Randy, Emily, Liz and Greg to see each others runs. But now lots more are included.

  • RTB NH Ultra 2014 WPI AlumniPrivate group

    RTB NH Ultra 2014 WPI Alumni


    running, night and day

  • Run Walk Run Method

    Group discussion of the Run Walk Run Method. Users can ask questions about the method or just post their experiences. This might be a great training method for new runners or those coming back from injuries. Jeff Galloway has published an entire book on this training method.

  • Run with LloydPrivate group

    Private group for coaching purposes. For runners to share their running log with coach. Running logs are not intended to be shared or made public.

  • Running Buddies

    A group of friends training together.

  • Running CoolPrivate group

    Formed by and for the original members of the MCM '06 training group. And growing to include the 2008 Run the Rock group.

  • Running Cousins GroupPrivate group

    Cousins online training group

  • Runningbuddiez

    Giving the people what they want every day of the week.

  • Rurlaeufer

    Runners training in Jülich and Floßdorf, Germany.

  • SaiyanFit

    Group for the SaiyanFit program

  • Sandbaggers

    We are sandbaggers. Plain and simple.

  • ShoeMann GroupPrivate group

    Routes, workouts, etc.

  • Skipping A Run Is UnforgivablePrivate group

    Skipping A Run Is Unforgivable* * skipping a single run is technically forgivable. However, skipping more than two runs during the Monday-through-Sunday time frame is strictly unforgivable. This inaction puts you in breach of cross-country law, and you could suffer dismemberment by the Runner's Union.

  • Sole Sisters 2Private group

    Friends enjoying running together and improving performance

  • Southwestern High School Personal Fitness WellnessPrivate group

    Southwestern High School's Personal Fitness/Wellness class.

  • Steamtown Marathon 2013Private group

    Training for the 2013 Steamtown marathon using Pfitzinger 70 schedule as redesigned by Glenda