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Gotta TRI

    Well Sul, I finally did it. I got out there and ran today for the first time since Feb 10th. I did the 5 mile block I have here. Actually only ran 3 of it, but since it's a loop... Overall, it went good. Lungs burned a bit as it's still only 39 here. No pains to speak of. Heart rate was obviously high from lack of training but it was good. My thanks go to you for urging me to get out there and do it. I appreciate that, really. Thank you. Andy
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    My legs are killing me

      Way to go bro!! Sometimes we all need alittle push!
        Great job, Andy! I know what you mean about not getting out there at all. But, there isn't any snow or ice on the ground here in Michigan so I ran out of excuses last week. Good to know you're back to running.
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          Hey Guys! I went out last night, IT FELT SO GOOD! I realized sadly that my lack of training has really gotten back and I'm going bad so bad thatI have to do the C25K program to get back in gear... I have a 2 mile race this weekend, I was wondering during my run if I'm going to make it... of course my night course is super hilly so I hope the race is flat! Big grin
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          Gotta TRI

            Hey Jen! Good to hear your out there. Good luck with the race. Update on Mondays run. OWIE! My quads have been KILLING me! Shouldn't have taken so much time off. Oh well, will try again in a day or two. Andy
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