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Almost forgot my anniversary!!! (Read 293 times)

Gotta TRI

    Yep, plumb near forgot this marks my second full year smoke free!! Aug. 20th 2007 was my quit date, right after watching my wife run her first triathlon. I quit that week and said that I'd do that race the following year. She had done the sprint, I came back a year later and did the 70.3 half iron. This year due to lack of training and such, I opted to do the sprint that she had done two years ago and totally kicked it!! ( See Best Race EVER post ).


    I know this venue tends to slow down every now and then, but I'd like everyone to know that we are still here, at the very least I'm still here to help in any way I can. I know what you are going through as I've gone through it too. Many of here have, some are still trying to get there and I'm sure some of us are on the fence right now trying to make that decision to quit smoking. Sometimes a little encouragement is all it takes. I"d really like to see this site get hopping again. So, if you're out there...anyone...give a shout. let's get this thing going again!



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      Nice job!

      200 mile bike trip in three days with sleeping gear and change.

      Get the Saturday running club back up.

      Run below 8 minutes per mile for 6 miles.


      tech geek

        I am about at the 2 year mark myself after finally just quitting cold turkey. I have to admit, I have no idea when I quit. I just know it was August  or late July 2 years ago and I feel great.