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Ran my 2 mile race (Read 470 times)

Ex-Smoker turned Runner!

    It was good, I didn't think I was ready since I really haven't gotten back into running yet. I ran for all but 1 minute of it.... not bad in my book! My first mile was all run in 10:20 and then my finish was 20:38 so my second mile even though I walked a minute I ran faster than my first! Not by much but if you add in the minute of walking then yeah pretty fast! I didn't place or anything, there were so many people, but it was good to get out and have some fun! My next 5K is in May to support Injuried Soliders Families and it's a flat course so I plan on haulling butt and really kicking some arse during that race! My husband also said he might want to do C25K with me and run in May!
    2010 Goals! Get back into running after having my son miles miles miles!

    Big Chicken!

      Go Jenni!! You may not have run in a bit but that's still faster than me! Awesome job. Good luck on your May 5K!
      Kris C Running away from the couch one mile at a time!

      Gotta TRI

        Way to go Jen!! Way to get back in to it. Keep it up and you'll ROCK your 5k! Andy
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