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First Half Marathon (Read 388 times)

    It's coming up, my first half mary, this Sunday the 18th. I'm running the Detroit Marathon. It's cool because I get to run through two countries. Not too shabby. Still not smoking. Wow, what a difference a year and a couple of months make. How's everyone else doing? Hope the running and the quitting are staying strong.
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    My legs are killing me

      Hey Megs! Long time, no hear. Good luck on your 1/2 this weekend! Hopefully you'll have good weather. Happy to hear about your not smoking. It's amazing what you can do without them.

      Ex-Smoker turned Runner!

        I sometimes wonder how I spent so many years smoking! Good luck on your half on Sunday, I'll be running a 5K to support a local wheelchair accesable playground! I'm hoping for a PR because it is a completely flat course and my stepson and husband will be also entering in the race, my stepson is in the wheelchair division and DH will be helping him by pushing him! I can't wait it'll be so much fun!
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        Gotta TRI

          Hey Megs!! Big grin We're still tied, no smoking for me either! ( Aug. 20th!) Congratulations! Best of luck on your 1/2. I've got one on the 26th. Hey Jen! Good luck with your 5k. Coincidentally, I'll be running one as well that day. ( Manchester NH, Race for the Fallen to benefit fallen police officers.) Hoping for a PR myself. Here's to NOT SMOKING!!!!! Yea, us! Andy
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