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Gotta TRI

    Hey gang! I'm re- posting my race report here as well as the racing thread in the forums. Well I am SUPER PSYCHED!!!! Today was my second ever half marathon and I KICKED it!! A quick reminder to those who may not recall, I quit smoking in Aug. 07, I was 214 lbs. on Jan. 07, and I turned 40 in Nov.07. I'm now 176 lbs, definatly an ex-smoker, and still 40 . I ran my 1st half in Feb. 08. It rained ,it snowed, my feet hurt and I came in at 2:22. On to today: I was feeling awesome this week. Ran some good mileage and was pumped for this race. Yesterday at work lifted something I probably shouldn't have and really tweaked my back! My thanks to my chiropractor for taking me in yesterday. Last night it was killing me! This morning I did have serious thoughts of bailing out of the race. Aside from the back pain I was feeling good though, so I raced. Miles 1&2 were a little rough, and ironically it wasn't my back that hurt but my shins right down low at the ankles. Then all of a sudden BAM! I just took off. I settled into a nice rythym and just cranked. Mile 4 took on a little protein in the form of a black fly My splits were looking good though, I was running under a ten minute pace. Miles 6-11 turned hilly. Man if I wasn't running uphill, I was going down. But I didn't let up, nice and steady. 11-13 I picked up the pace a bit, quads starting to really burn now. The last tenth of a mile I can see the finish line so i poured it on. Net time finish:2:00:17!!! I'm ecstatic!! Elated! And, surprisingly, feel pretty good to boot!! Added note: DW also ran and finished 2:12.
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      That's awesome Andy! congrats to you and DW!
      2010 Goals! Get back into running after having my son miles miles miles!

      Gotta TRI

        Thanks Jen.
        2010 Dec. California International Marathon 2011 Jan. Disney Marathon

        My legs are killing me

          Great job Andy! That's a great time. Keep up the good work!