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    I am looking for suggestions to start a running program. I am an ex-smokers and become short of breath very easily..I have done much damage to my lungs. Happy to say I am now a smoking cessation counselor. I need structure and I would like to start running but intimidated to start d/t shortness of breath. So...any suggestions in how to start?

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      Hello and welcome! Well you've already taken the first step by quitting smoking. CONGRATULATIONS!! We all know how hard that part is . My first suggestion would be to look at the C25K program. It is probably the most recognized beginner running program out there. there are links to it somewhere here at Running ahead, but it's just as easy to go to www.c25k.com Disclaimer here: I am not nor do I pretend to be a doctor of any form so if there are any questions in regards to physacal ability, please consult with your physician. But, C25K is a very basic and structured program that is designed to take a person from "couch" to a 5k distance. Check it out and let us know and congratulations once more. Please post often, Andy
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