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Gotta TRI

    Andy . i have been doing much more biking v. running this summer. but i think i am in the best shape i have been in since high school. though not quite as thin. Smile
    That's awesome Des. It's a great feeling , being in shape. I've been building the miles on the bike lately as well. Sunday our tri club met for a group ride around our local lake. ( 60 + miles. ) Actuallly, a funny story. At the starting point, after checking/filling our tires, as the group starts to head out I discover I've got a flat rear tire!! No problem, I've changed a tire before, besides I've got two Ironman finishers with me for help. Well, a good TWENTY minutes later, the three of us get the tire back on and they drive me to catch up with the group. We find the group at the first of several planned rest stops. As we head out from here, I reach down to turn on my bike computer and it falls off the bike!! As I try to stop and retreive it I don't get my feet un-clipped from the pedals and BAM down I go. ( Right in the middle of a parking lot, at the town docks, in the middle of town.) Well I jump right up, put the bike back together and head out. 1 minute and 30 seconds later I'm right into the first big hill. Some warm up! A little later I lean down to take a sip from my aero bar bottle, and it's empty!! ( dumped out when I racked at the docks!) At the next stop, I was able to re-fill the bottle, and as we continued I fell into a decent rythm but by the second to last leg, my knees started aching. The last leg back to the start, I tried to hold on to my place but was eventually passed by all of the other riders including an "older" woman, and my wife. I was the last to finish, and did 10 miles LESS than everyone else. Angry I ended up with 51miles. A little worried as I've got to do 56 miles Aug 17th. ( after a 1.4 mile swim and before a 13.1 mile run Shocked ) Oh well.
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      Andy just chalk it up to a bad day, don't fret you can do your tri!
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