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Gotta TRI

    O.K. Now I'm really getting ticked. After two days of temps. nearing 50, after delighting in the glory of the first run on non snow covered bare pavement since I don't know when, and with impending races nearing the weatherman informs me of not only yet another snowstorm, but THE snowstorm to push us over the all time record for snowfall in the state. And although it will only take 2.5" to do this, they say we are getting 4 to 8" of the stuff! I'm telling you gang, I've really had enough of this. I mean come on. It's almost April! My first TRIATHALON is June 1st. That means swimming..... in a lake.....that at this rate will probably still have ice on it! I am SO far behind in training for any of my events, I haven't been running ( snow) haven't had the bike outside yet, ( snow) and forget about swimming. Ok, I could have been treadmilling ( hate them!), and I do have a bike trainer ( not much better than a treadmill Tongue) and I've just been lax about getting to the pool. But I still blame the snow!!! Big grin Thans again gang for letting me spout off Big grin Andy
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    My legs are killing me

      Andy, I was watching the weather channel last night and I was thinking of you. That REALLY sucks! And of course you'll run into someone today that will tell you "it will be gone before you know it". As if that helps. You still have to look at it. I've been complaining because it has been in the 40's with wind. So much for global warming. Hang in there! I feel your pain.

      Big Chicken!

        So Andy, you think you'll actually go home after your Florida Disney trip?? Clowning around Great time to buy a home you know... Actually I feel your pain/annoyance. I grew up in NY and left once I had the money to go. Never looked back. I hate cold and snow. ( I know hate is a strong word. That is truly how I feel!) I told DH if we get stationed somewhere that sees snow, even an inch per year, or gets below 65 degrees on a regular basis, I am going home to Tampa. Evil grin
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        Gotta TRI

          Well Kris , I don't know, but "just for the record"... It SNOWED again today!!!! Angry I could certainly do some house hunting while I'm there. Big grin I just so wish it were over up here so I could get back in the game. I did get an hour in the pool on Sunday, and rode one time last week. I just really want to run. ( Want to be ready for the 26m in January!! Big grin) Andy
          2010 Dec. California International Marathon 2011 Jan. Disney Marathon