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    Hey All, It's been awhile so I thought I'd see who's left, how everyone's doing, welcome anyone new here and just say "hi". 15 months since my last smoke and feeling GREAT! Went for a 17 mile run the other day in preparation for the Disney Marathon in January. I cannot believe I can do that kind of mileage now and never would have imagined doing anything like that 15 months ago. Other than that things are well with me, hope all is good with you. Andy
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      Hi, All is good on the non smoking fornt. I still put an X on my calendar after each non smoking day. It is adding to almost 5 months. The net results are : a 20k, a Half Marathin, many days of running and going from 9min/mile in May to 2008 to 8 min/mile last night. If there was only one decision that was worth it this year it is the one to decide to stop smoking. Patarch1

      200 mile bike trip in three days with sleeping gear and change.

      Get the Saturday running club back up.

      Run below 8 minutes per mile for 6 miles.


      My legs are killing me

        Hey Andy, It seems like most of our orginal group is gone and we are the last of the mohegans. I think either most of them stopped running or, sadly, went back to smoking. Glad to hear your doing well and good luck on the Disney Marathon! I ran the NYC Marathon a couple of weeks ago. It was a pretty incredible experience with, what I'm told, almost 2 million people out to watch. New Yorkers really get into that race. I always figured NYC was flat being right on the ocean but I figured wrong. lol Tough course. I woke up with a stomach bug and ran the race with a bottle of Maalox and TP so I felt pretty crappy (no pun intended) but was able to complete a 4:46. Not real happy with the time but a great experience. And with it being my first one it was a PR! Get ready for the snow Andy! It's on it's way. I remember how much you enjoyed last winter. lol Patrach, great job on staying smoke free and getting your times down! Your kicking some butt at 8 minute miles. It's pretty amazing what you can accomplish when you put the cigarettes down.

        Gotta TRI

          Patarch1 Wow! Sounds like you've gone from smoker to smokin! Great job. Glad to hear you stuck with it. Running or not it's great to be a non-smoker, but without smoking it's great to be a runner. Ok, that sounded wierd. Big grin Hey Sully good to hear from you. I lost track but knew you had the NYC marathon coming up. Sorry to hear bout the bug but glad you finished. Still, not a bad time for first attempt. I'll be lucky to get anywhere near that. Have you posted a race report? I"ll have to go back and look. I have no idea what to expect in January for a time. First and foremost I'm just hoping to finish. I'd like to beat 4 hours, based solely on my 1/2 mary times of under two, but realistically expect/hope to be around 4 1/2. It's getting harder to get out there and run right now as it's way too early/cold/and dark in the mornings and just too cold at night. I've got about a half hour of daylight when I get home from work. I'm just in that transition stage between fall and winter running. As for the snow.....well ,yeah, you know.LOL Take it easy freinds, Andy
          2010 Dec. California International Marathon 2011 Jan. Disney Marathon