Improving Your 5K


Will this weekly off season training plan work well? (Read 480 times)


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    I don't have much time on Mondays, so that is minimal. (of season) My goal is by October/November of next year to run sub-16 with this plan. Info: Freshman 15yrs 135 lbs 5'7" Avg 5k: 20:30 Is this a good plan?
    ---Goals: 1000mi 2000mi 3000mi 4000mi 5000mi 17:00 5k 16:30 5k 16:00 5k 15:45 5k 500 days, possible?

      Great plan.  That will take alot of dedication to follow through with that plan.  Don't know your running hours now, but remember to work your way up to this patiently or you will risk getting injured.  Everyone always talks about the 10% increase/wk until you hit your plan hrs/mileage as reducing the chance of injuring.  I know that I had no patience at your age, and I'm not a long time runner, but it is a sport of consistency and controlled overload.


      I'm about your height 5'7", 155 lbs, and old (45) and am closing in on 6 mpm pace on consistent 35-40 mpwk.  So if you can follow this training plan, and you have some decent natural sprint speed, I'd think you have a shot at it.  I think you'd at least get your sub 17.  You need some good speed to get sub 16. 


      Also, run the plan by your coach.


      Good luck with your goals.


      Did you run 2 mile or mile in track.