Improving Your 5K


Ran a new PR today... (Read 603 times)

    Ran a new 5K PR of ~21:33 today (time not official). Averaged under a 7:00 pace for the first time. My previous PR was 22:08. Also, the distance was a little over, 3.13 miles according to the Garmin. The race wasn't very organized, and they fired the starting gun out of nowheres which caught everyone off guard. Everyone was like "OH SHIT!", trying to start their watches while running. It was a hilly course (well, hilly for around here anyway!) that started with a short downhill. I started out quick and ran the downhill with a faster group for a few minutes, then settled down into a slower pace. I always race against a friend who beat me last race, so I had a strategy this time and it worked. I would really surge down hills, and slow down some or maintain my pace up hills. He wouldn't keep up with me on the downhills and would try and and catch up and pass me on the uphills. After mile 2 he never caught me again. Big grin He ended up running a 22:08 or around there. Distance - Time - Pace - HR - Fastest Pace -------------------------------------- 1.00 - 06:47 - 6:47 - 187 - 5:26 2.00 - 13:49 - 7:01 - 199 - 6:17 3.00 - 20:55 - 7:06 - 202 - 6:15 3.13 - 21:33 - 4:52 - 207 - 4:37 More Details Here
      Nice job! Keep those PRs coming.
        Congratulations! Nice job on a hilly course too. Smile


          Good job. The hill strategy you used against your friend worked well.

            Nicely done! Deserves a Newcastle.
              Thanks for the comments. And yes, I had quite a few Newcastles over the weekend. Wink