Improving Your 5K


Almost! --- 20.15 !!! (Read 537 times)

Go Pre!

    Can you believe I had a shoelace come undone??? Not sure how much time that cost me....maybe only 10 secs. Nonetheless, 20:15, a 50 second PR. So at least I get the enjoyment of a PR, with the elusive sub 20 to look forward to. Smile MTA: By the way, my pre race diet was sushi dinner eaten early last night, and small bowl of oatmeal + 10oz Gatorade + water this morning. Worked well. Burger and coffee tasted delicious after the race. MTA: longer report - ...and - race results posted, 20:15, not 20:16 - woohoo...1 second closer to glory.
      Congrats! You came so damn close... I'm sure you'll get it next time. Glad you got the diet part right.

      Go Pre!

        Got the diet WRONG afterwards though. Father in Law's 80th burthday and we all went to an al you can eat Mandarin buffet. So awful So awful - my long run tomrrow should be a treat.

          Nice going, especially the drop in time of 46 sec. You will break 20 very shortly (at least that is what the crystal ball said). Keep up the push, as a fellow 40 year old, it is fun beating these younger guys!! :-) Scott
            Nice job! That's funny too because I came in at 20:16 yesterday myself, dropping 38 seconds off my PR on a course with a pretty significant hill in mile 3 - which I am hoping cost me 17 seconds. Smile My pre-race diet included 2 beers at a charity auction the night before - had a small hangover when I woke up (I'm such a lightweight now that I have three kids) but it was mostly gone by the time the race started. In the morning, a bowl of Cocoa Puffs adn lots of water. As for beating younger guys - I got passed by an 11 year old twice. First he passed me at mile 1 and I figured he woudl die soon. I passed him just before mile 3, but his kick was better than mine and he flew by me right before the finish line. What a fast little squirt. Congrats again!
              Nice times Daddyo, Daddyo's family, and jeffdonahue. Also, it is good to hear about all the under 16(?) year olds participating.