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    I am the WORST person in the world for sticking to a schedule. Knowing me, I'll be winging it, as always. But I'll do my best to stick to some sort of training plan. How did you come up with the schedule anyhow?



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        I don't have a schedule, but I do have some ideas of how to improve my 5k times, does that count? My first is to get back to doing more intervals. And sadly, this is something that I do on the treadmill because it's just easier on my schedule with a house full of kids. Like today, I ran an easy 3.1, and then stretched and then did my speed/interval workout. I did 2 minutes at a 8:30 to 8:45 per minute pace and then 1 minute at a 6:45 pace. I did this for 30 minutes. It's my attempt to work on my recovery while running, and to strengthen my legs for a faster pace. Any thoughts on that? Does anyone else do speed or intervals? Then...I'll take a running outside day and do an easy usual 5k route, aiming for 25 minutes and then do one at a faster pace. I have a new theory on how to run my usual course too. But I find that the back to back 5k course runs have a good impact on my stamina. I'll also be doing at least two longer runs per week, one of at least 10 miles.



          I do intervals once a week, they are a real hard and challenging session. They are done at the local running track, and I run faster there than on my own as there are always people in front who you can chase. In actual fact I regard the track session as comparable to a race. Here we do loads of different intervals, all with 1minute rest. 1)16x300m 2)4x600m,3x400m,2x300m,1x200m 3) 2.5 minutes round track, then blow whistle and return (have to get back to the starting point – all about even pacing) – x6 4) Same as above for 90s x 8 As you can see these are just a few variations, there a loads you can do, have a play. But it is very important you seek variation, and it is better to train in a group. Have a look at my log, and look at the intervals at ‘horwich track’ and look at my minute mile paces. I have been hitting in the 5 minutes mark consistently. It is about gauging also, I don’t have a set pace I go out at, I just go by feel, then at the end I work out how fast I actually went. Since starting at the track, I have gone from near the back to near the front of the B group. Now people I never dreamt I would be passing are eating my dust. I leave the session exhilarated and having felt like I have achieved something. I work 100%, only way to improve. Hope this helps a little. Keep me posted.

          "I've been following Eddy's improvement over the last two years on this site, and it's been pretty dang solid. Sure the weekly mileage has been up and down, but over the long haul he's getting out the door and has turned himself into quite a runner. He's only now just figuring out his potential. Consistency in running is measured in years, not weeks. And over the last couple of years, Eddy's made great strides" Jeff 14 Jan 2009

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            I am following hal higdon's training plan and it really isn't rocket science. one interval a week followed by an ez day/day off and one tempo run with an ez day folliwng then a long run starting at 60 minutes gradually building to 90 minutes. basically two hard workouts and then give your body a chance to recover/rebuild and a long run to build endurance. hope that helps.

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