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    Howdy Currently running 5k at 20:23 (past two races this month). Got another race here in Savannah GA on March 7th (Shamrock Run). Trying to break 20 minutes. My race this past Saturday...went out at a good pace of 6:23 and then 6:26....and then tanked...6:50. Also the race course turned out NOT to be certified (Advertising said it WAS) and the course was 3.29 instead of 3.11. My time listed above came from my Garmin (race time was 21:35) Training varies weekly from 20 miles to 30 miles with most runs around 7:30 to 8:00 mm with one day of speed. From what I have read here, I need to up my miles pronto. Scott
      Hello Scott3294. I remember reading about your last race somewhere around here. That would be frustrating to find a race advertised to be certified turn out to be uncertified and incorrectly measured. I think you will find several folks here who have run a 20 something 5K and want to break 20 minutes. I am one of them. Last summer my 5K times were 20:24, 21:19, 20:29, and 20:15. I want to lose 5 to 10 pounds, and then give it another shot.
        Welcome. Keep us posted on your progress.
          Welcome to the group. i am looking to break that 20 minute mark this year as well - current PR is 21:00 so I have a little bit farther to go than you. Best of luck Jeff

            Thanks! 20 minutes is the to figure out how to get rid of those :23 seconds!! :-) Scott

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              Hi Scott


              You basically look where I have been too.  I ran a 5km series last summer (your winter) with the aim of getting under 20 minutes.  I ended up getting to 20:26, just ran out of runway a little.  I guess I learnt from others that patience and consistency are key for achieving running goals.


              Since April I have switched to half marathon mode and ramped up the distances with the aim of a sub 1:40 HM.  I achieved that in my first ever half marathon race running 1:38:16.  I also trained on some measured courses before then going as well as 1:35:30 on a perfect day.  I have 1 more half marathon signed up for in late October and considering another one early October.


              I am also now looking at the next 5km race series starting in September.  Obviously my base is a lot stronger than it used to be and my endurance at the end of a race (which was my weakenss) should have improved.  I have though I think lost a bit of raw speed over the last 6 months with my more long distance training focus.  I can easily knock out 21:30 without much of a sweat but ramping up from there is my issue, I am not a sprinter.


              So trying to tweak my programme a little to give it some variety and challenge, putting in some hills, some 400's/ 800's intervals etc.  I don't really know what i am doing but have a few programmes floating around that i need to tailor.


              Good luck!! 

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                Welcome!  I'm another person looking for a sub-20 min soon.  Last fall I raced an xc course at a 4:02/km pace, but I have a funny feeling it was a little short, which isn't that uncommon for trail races.  This year's goal is to break a 4:00/km pace for a full length course.

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                  Hello All!  Also looking to go sub 20 minutes!  (for the first time since highschool) Just missed at my last race (20:04).

                  Scott - how intense are your speed workouts and what type of speed workouts are you doing?

                  I've had to "reacquaint" my body with

                  1. the speed and intensity needed to race @ sub-20

                  2.  discomfort and pain tolerance

                  3. feel and confidence in my pace

                  I think these attributes only came from a few effective speed workouts.  More mileage at a good pace (similar to what you're running) helped, but I think speed work is critical.

                  Good luck!

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