Improving Your 5K


First 5K in 5 years (Read 419 times)

    23:59, even faster than my last 5K in 2004 which was 27:13. Will be interested in improving my 5K time.
      more miles. slowly build to 35 per week and include 2 or 3 long runs (~10 miles) per month. Then you can start worrying about a little bit of speed work. You do that and I bet you take 2 minutes off your time in a race this year.

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        Thanks for the suggestion . I will definitely looking forward to increase my mileage to 35 as soon as possible, something like this: May : increase to 28 MPW June : increase to 30 MPW July : increase to 33 MPW Aug : increase to 36 MPW My long run is set to about 30% of the weekly mileage, so when I reach 36 MPW, I will be running 10 mile long run a slightly longer. Will keep my speed work though, I just love to run fast once or twice a week, keep my fast twitches awaken.