Improving Your 5K


How much of your time is spent on speedwork? (Read 344 times)

    Right now I am running between 30-40 miles a week, with 1-2 hard workouts a week (usually a long run/progression run and then a hill or interval day). So I was just wondering how much time the rest of you spend on speedwork, given that we are all trying to improve our 5K times. Jeff

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      well none right now but that's because I ahve no races on my near horizon. now is the time to build the aerobic machine with LSD miles

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        I am doing very little because of the weather. I am running 30 to 40 miles per week with the following quality: Sundays: 12-mile progression run with last two miles "tempo:" ~ 88 % maximum heart rate. Midweek: 2 X 1K @ 10K heart rate/effort with one-minute recovery followed by 3 X 200M striders. That is a goal/planned workout, but due to darkness, cold, and weather have not been doing it as much as I want. I hope to be doing 5 X 1K followed by 4 X 200M in March and April. Then, in May, I thought I would start some of the interval workouts you posted/described in an earlier post. Fridays: 8 X 100M striders