LLR of Eric's School for Wayward Girls

Due to creepers feeling the need to repeatedly infiltrate the group and lurkers who join and never post we require that one have their group log made public and a few posts out on the main boards. New members referred by current members will be given automatic entry. From time to time we may remove inactive or "lurking" members to help ensure privacy and safety (users who have not logged-in within 1 full year were removed 2/22/2017). Former members are always welcome to re-join later, as long as their reason for being removed from the group was not a ban-able offense.  Banning is permanent.


Actions resulting in ban from the group include, but are not limited to: bullying, shaming, sharing of private in-group information outside of the group, or threatening litigation intended only to manipulate/intimidate/bully.  No warnings given.  Bans are at the discretion of the group owner and admins.



"I promise to surround myself with amazing souls and love them fiercely." 

~ Fellow Flowers



Hello, ladies!