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    Hey, I posted a similar thing on the forums, but I thought I'd see what others who are training for a HM do. What is your philosophy on walk breaks? Do you take them, and if so how often? Have any of you been a purist runner that converted to Run/Walk and have words of advice?
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      I have started taking short walk breaks during half marathons after reading about the idea in another thread on the forums. It has helped me during the last two half marathons i ran (both of them a PR). I took the breaks at refreshment stations, used them to drink and rest my legs. I did not walk long (100 to 150 meters at the most) but they helped me! After walking I felt I could run better, so I think of the walking as an investment Smile bas

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        Kate- I walk at water stations (and I walk and drink water through them all), but I wouldn't consider that a walk break since I cannot seem to get down 4 oz of water while running. Physically, it doesn't happen for me. I didn't walk at all during my HM, besides those water stops, but I did run with an older guy for a few minutes and we got to talking about walk breaks. He said his friend swears by them and was going to meet him at the finish line at 2:04. She knew that was the exact time she would finish, having done tons of HMs with the walk/run method. She had a "time" for marathons, too, and continued to PR with the walk/run method. He said that she did 1 minute of walking for every 10 minutes for running, and that the key was to start the walking breaks before you actually feel the need to. I thought that was interesting! If I do a marathon, I think I'd like to do it that way! Smile
          Yeah, I want to do my first full in the twin cities this October, but the person I'm running with would need a lot of convincing to take breaks. We run the same pace, so it'd be interesting to see the difference in our times!
          Kate ;) "The pain of regret is greater than the pain of self discipline."