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Looking for a July half marathon? (New England) (Read 430 times)

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    For you northern New Englanders, or anyone else looking for a mid-summer half marathon.


    The July 24th Old Port Half Marathon is new this year. In Portland Maine.

    Looks like an excellent course -- miles of it are on walking trails, and the road sections are along the ocean to help with any mid-summer heat and give you some scenic views.  Overall very flat, one climb near the end to get over a highway.  Finish on a pier in the old port section of town.

    The RD is experienced, so I don't have any real worries about it being an inaugural version of the race.  Come on up.


    mta: fixed the link to the wikipedia entry on Portland

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      This looks interesting-I've put it on my list of possible races for 2012. I don't live near there, but I spend a lot of time in New England and may move back.


      Thanks for sharing the link.

      an amazing likeness

        Good course, just a little odd start location -- about 100 yards up a hill to a sharp right onto the main road, not sure why the didn't start us on the main road.  Just guessing that officials didn't want to close the main road for the start line. 


        Fantastic finish area -- beer, pizza, good band.  Awards were lobster buoy replicas, very original.


        Ran the first 6 or so miles with RoadShuffler after an ad-hoc meet-up at about mile 1. The weather (h&h) won, faded badly in the last 3 miles with a death-march finish....ran my slowest half ever, other than one when I was injured.

        I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)



          Tough. If you can't escape mid summer H/H in maine, then there's not much hope for the rest of us ('cept maybe the canadians higher up).


          Sounds like you had fun regardless. Beer heals all wounds.

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