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Need to get acclimated to pavement before HM? (Read 204 times)


    I'm getting ready for my first HM on April 12. So far, over 90% of my running has been on trails. They're softer than pavement and easier on my body as I try to get in more miles. My question for the experienced racers out there is; Do I need to run more on pavement before my race? Will I be sorry on race day that I'm not acclimated to the harder surface if I stick to the trails? Thanks for any advice.


      Difficult, in theory because you should find it easier to run on pavement as trails are more effort but will your feet stand the pounding? I've done a half in brand new shoes and got away with it, you have a choice Do one long run on pavement to see how it goes, but what happens if you injure yourself? Start building up the mileage on pavement to see how it goes Theres quite a while until the race I would go for option one but I'm not right in the head. By the way looking at your avatar have you got a foot fetish as well? My photo is the end of the London Duathlon last year my wife said I was going too fast to pan the camera,

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        Thanks. At this point I think I'll try a few medium runs on asphalt and see how I feel. I was looking for a good shot of me running for my avatar but found that there are none. This was as close as my wife got. She must have gotten the same photography training as your wife.