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Intrepid Racers & Trainers - Nov 22 & 24 (Read 248 times)

    Just joined the group today and FWIW, the format looks great to me. Looking forward to participating.


    I have been on RA for over a year and never really knew much was going on in the user groups until I heard about it in the RWOL hubbub.



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      As promised, Santa goes down...(that's me, looking dorky with the high socks and the singlet over the grey shirt next to Santa - but give me a break, it was COLD)

      Come all you no-hopers, you jokers and rogues
      We're on the road to nowhere, let's find out where it goes

        What a great thread - loads to comment on:


        Stealing a peek at the logs of our marathon trainers, vegefrog and MattJ...both are nearing their training cycle peak. Vegefrog will be running off pie with a 20 miler this weekend, and then starting taper madness.  Matt is down in Belize getting his miles in while running from the police with that whacko anti-virus dude who's on the run. (g) 


        (...vegefrog also wins some sort of award for best named workout with "fababs"...)


        I am back from Belize and (like the Belizian Police) saw no sign of John McAfee. I only managed to get one run in down there though so will need a slight modification to Vege's workout.... Flababs for me I think!



        If anyone wants to share thoughts on these "intrepid" threads, or the race calendar concepts, I'd appreciate hearing them either here in public or via PM.


        I agree with Simon & Vege, I think the "intrepid" threads have been a nice add Andy! The races kind of got lost without them and they guy who was doing it before you was obviously very unreliable Clown. I think the monthly thread is OK too but if it dies off because we end up all posting in these ones.. so be it!  (he says while posting here about all kinds of stuff that is not related to the intrepid racers!)

        I will also PM you about changing the stickies for next year.... when I get round to it.



        Chipping away, another 9 second PR. 17:33 and 2OA.


        Great job all you racers - Kev, MT some seriously fast times there, at least in my book - Santa never stood a chance! HF - great progress, I would not have expected any less from the consistency of training you put in. very cool!



        Matt I hope you are ready for taper! I am...I think...might drive my loved ones and friends CRAZY for the next 2 weeks! I'll just come in here and let it all out if I start feeling stir crazy Wink


        It's weird this time round for me as my taper has been; run 20 miles 4 weeks before the race, a couple of short runs, nothing for a week and a half and then a normal taper for the last 2 weeks. I bailed on both my long-ish run before I went to Belize (no time) and also on my 14 miler today, only getting in 7.5 before needing to be home. The next few weeks will be interesting. I'll stick to the plan and be rested but under-trained on the day. 4:30 will be tough for me right now - I mostly just want to get round.

        Overall I'd give myself a C- grade on the training; I started a plan way too late but stuck with every workout from then until leaving for Belize, now it's a bit off track but I'll taper OK.

        All that said Vege, I am good to go and ready for race day... but not as much as you are! I give you an A on your training for sure! Smile Glad your legs are feeling better - I look forward to hearing about the sub 4 in a couple of weeks time.



        Just joined the group today and FWIW, the format looks great to me. Looking forward to participating.


        Welcome Jaxn & all the others from RWOL who joined the group and posted in the other thread, good to have you here!

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