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Not Going to Make my Half (Read 295 times)

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    My half is March 18, but I sprained my ankle Sunday during a trail race. I'm off my foot for a week, then a re-assessment by the sports doc. Next Monday, I'll maybe be able to do toe raises.... Cry I already missed two weeks due to illness, so I think I'm going to opt out of my March 18 half and shoot for one late this fall. The Memphis runners club has a series August through November that ends with a half in November. Robin


      Sorry to hear that hun! Hope you heal ASAP!!!

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        Oh, no! Robin, I'm so sorry...that blows! I hope your ankle heals fast and that you can resume running--even if you can't do your half. Sad k

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          That stinks. Sorry to hear you won't make it, but training with a running club this summer sounds great! Happy healing. . .

            Sorry to hear/read that. Get well soon... There will be another HM waiting for you. bas

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              so sorry to hear it - I totally know the disappointment you're feeling. May you heal swiftly and strongly!
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