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    Has anyone ever run Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas? I'm tentatively going to run the half there this year (December 4), which is to say that I've booked a hotel room but haven't yet signed up for the race. The dream of running the half in Germany (same day) is on hold for this year, but hopefully some day.


    This year, the race is at night and the HM runs exclusively on the strip, which sounds interesting. I've never run a race this large-20kish runners, nor have I ever done a destination race.


    Would love to hear others' thoughts if anyone has run it.

      I can't comment on Vegas (although man that looks fun!) but I have run R&R Dallas. It was, hands down, the best organized race I have ever participated in.

      I am assuming that the R&R series of races are all kinda similar (http://runrocknroll.competitor.com/tour-stops) and if they are organized in the same way as Dallas the fact that there's 20k folks there is part of the experience and not the nightmare that it can be at other poorly organized events.


      My vote would be - do it! I bet it will be a blast!


      All that ... and it's in vegas Big grin

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        Yes, I will probably end up doing it. Hopefully I can get a group of people to join in, including my brother flying in from Boston.

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          I think a whole bunch of RA folks ran the Las Vegas half and marathon last year as part of a 'meet n' greet / get together' thingie.  You might want to send a PM to Zoom-Zoom or Wannaberunner and ask...


          Oh..oh...send a PM to SRLopez -- he knows about nearly every marathon and half marathon on the planet.

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            I'm running it but I have never run it before. I do think this is the first time it has been run at night.