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I'm running another...... (Read 230 times)

    Got berated into signing up for another half...... ok.. not really berated.... just an email that said I've been running a log and need a spring half. May 11 in Mississauga, ON.
      Boy, it's nice when your friends encourage you like that, huh? I loved my half so much that I was mourning to a friend that I had to wait until next winter to race another since traveling for races is pretty much out of the question. I guess she found a local half in April but my goodness, it'll be 96 degrees in the shade here in April. Congragulations on your new half--I admit my jealousy freely!

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        You're putting the miles in so you might as well put them to good use. Enjoy.


          I was thinking about Mississauga, the son of a friend at work did it last year, and I wouldn't mind challenging him to a friendly race, he ran 1:51 last year, and I am sure we can both beat that time this year. Instead, though, i am going to run the Hartwell half in Aurora because it is local and less expensive, then either Toronto or Scotiabank in the fall. Simon.

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