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    Ok, I just looked at the 'when is your half' thread to see who will run a half marathon this month. Of course one reason is mine is among them Big grin Here is the list I came up with: bas: oct 15 glassbrass: oct 21 wingz: oct 22 mattruns: oct 22 zoom-zoom: oct 29 Any others I overlooked ore joined later who will run their half marathon in october? bas

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      I can't remember if Eryn/backroadrunner is in this group, but she will hopefully be running the half with me (assuming that her doc doesn't order her to stop running with her back issues). k

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        12 days away for me! October 15th, Toronto. I am excited again, I combined a 5k race with a 15k run this past sunday without any troubles...actually it was quite enjoyable Wink Dave

          12 days away for me! October 15th, Toronto.
          So your Toronto HM is on the same day as my Amsterdam HM! And if the Toronto HM is 12 days away, tneh the Amsterdam HM should be 12 days away too! Shocking! Big grin (And I missed my training this evening too because the new butterfly house in Artis Zoo opens tomorrow and there is still so much to do...) bas

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