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The Long Awaited Cheffy Half-Marathon Photo (Read 332 times)

    Here's my lovely wife....with her best skipping to the finish photo. The Hot Pink Zensah Calf Socks are even hotter in person, this photo does not do them justice. They received many compliments and cheers, and she would have won the best dressed award had there been one offered. We loved the Finish Line in the Graveyard....Nice Touch! All Hail !!! Pink Princess Cheffy Surprised
      That's a lot of pink! Great photo, clearly she's not "dying" at the finish.. Sorry, couldn't resist.

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        Yep, she looks WAY too happy to be finishing a HM! Are you sure that shot's not staged? Wink Great photo!
          As far as I can tell, this is JUST before my hands come up into duel piece signs and I SCREAMED " I DID IT"! That's NOT a smile, it is purely a GRIMACE of HTFU! Smile

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          One day at a time

            Wow, you have a very happy grimace!

            Prince of Fatness

              Wow, you have a very happy grimace!
              I agree. Pink becomes you, Cheffy. Nice pic .... well worth the wait.


                Excellent! Mega points for the Hub posting the pic. Excellent! Minus points for the race director who ended the race at the graveyard. Seriously. Roll eyes

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