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Fox Valley HM Report (Read 253 times)

    Just finished running my second Half Marathon. The Fox Valley Half Marathon. The run went really well, we had good weather through out the entire run. My time was 1:53:13. Here are some photos (not very good ones...) http://new.photos.yahoo.com/cderuyter81/album/576460762313660182#page1
      Here's the official results: Overall: 411th of 1561 Division: 32nd of 76 Sex/Place: 276th of 651 Time: 1:53:10 (New PR) Big grin Pace: 8:39

        Great! And you beat my PR by one minute, so now I have a goal for my Amsterdam HM on oct 15 D) (Well, sort of. My 10 Mile last week did not go so well, so I really shouldn't set PR-like goals for myself just now...) bas

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          Don't worry, you have a couple weeks yet. Good Luck to you!

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            WTG, Chris! That's a very nice time--pretty close to my 10 mile race time from last weekend, but you went 3.1 miles further in that time! Wink k

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                nice job! did you follow a race strategy for a PR or just run by feel? Congrats on the PR.
                  I didn't really have a strategy. This was only my second HM so it wasn't too hard to set a new PR Big grin