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    Well folks


    Welcome to 2011! How did 2010 finish up for you and what are your wishes, hopes, goals & dreams for 2011?


    There's an old soccer saying; "Sometimes it's a game of 2 halves" and 2010 was certainly that for me, from a running perspective.


    First half of the year: Settled in Texas and running my socks off. Not necessarily from a speed point of view, but from a mileage point of view.

    By March I had broken my two biggest goals (sub 26min 5k and sub 2 hour HM) and by July was on pace for 1500 miles for the year.


    Then my job changed and we started looking at relocation to Virginia. My running fell off a cliff!

    I had run 833 miles by the end of July. I'd run less than 70 in the last 5 months of the year, including a compete goose egg in December.


    Safe to say no more goals were achieved and I learned that when I don't run I am grumpy, less happy and unsurprisingly - fat! Big grin


    Virginia brings new challenges compared to TX. It's cold enough to freeze that balls off a brass monkey and there are these things called hills.

    But I have set new goals for 2011 and while I am yet to pick a next race I did go out for a 4 mile run this morning and didn't die (that's about the only good thing that can be said about it!)


    Hope to be around here a little more too.





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      Hey Matt! Good to hear from you.


      My year was pretty awful- due to a job change and the death from cancer of my closest friend, my sister also getting cancer.

      All of these factors reduced my running to only about 1,000 miles for the year rather than the 2,000 I had planned. (Surprisingly, I did not gain weight, in fact got down to about 150lbs from around 158lbs earlier in the year.)  Because I was in no shape to race I cancelled all my plans, so did not run my first sub 45 10k or my first marathon. Roll on 2011!


      Virginia is a beautiful place to run- hills make you strong! Get going!

      PBs since age 60:  5k- 24:36, 10k - 47:17. Half Marathon- 1:42:41.

                                          10 miles (unofficial) 1:16:44.


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        Sorry to hear about your year Simon. That sounds very difficult and I hope that 2011 brings you only good things.


        I'm still training consistently for my first half in February. My long runs are still pretty short, but I am trusting Nobby and his plan (despite fretting at times). I'm running about 40-45km/week at the moment, with my long run only up to 12km. However, I am mixing my efforts well and I feel pretty good. I also ran a non-goal 18km trail race up over the Rimutaka incline (10km very gentle uphill, 5km steepish downhill, 3 km flat ) in November. I felt pretty strong right until the flat section, which felt like uphill after the downhill. I did much better than I had hoped and that was off a long run of 9km, so I have decided to listen to Nobby and do what he tells me. I guess the proof will be in the result in Feb! Although, I think the slow build up has been very good for me as I needed to be more consistent before getting to aggressive and feeling constantly tired, which has been my pattern in the past.

        One day I decided I wanted to become a runner, so I did.

          I'm here. As you know, 2010 was a terrible year for me. Started late due to major task at work, so didn't really start running until late March, then kept having issues with my calves. Didn't run a single race, was all set to run a HM and pulled the other Calf muscle two days or so before. That was mid Sept and I haven't really run since. But that was last year and we are into a New Year. I've started the stationary bike this week and hoping to start alternating between that and the treadmill. Also did some stretching last night and need to really get back onto that routine. I'm still trying to take a Yoga class, but everyone they have offered at work, has not worked for me for timing etc. Goals for the year! Stay Healthy, get back into some races and see how that goes. From there, I'll see about setting some race goals. Simon, sorry to hear of your loss and hope your sister is okay. Adds a different level of stress doesn't it? Larry


          "Today I broke my record for most consecutive days lived!"

            Well, lets hope the new year will bring better things to all of us!


            Snow is causing some problems on my runs, the sidewalks are often bumpy and slippery from people walking on them.

            Also, the river I cross near my house is now fully frozen and often has snowmobiles buzzing up and down. Smelly things!


            Tough 11 miler last night, started around 23 degrees F and ended around 17 degrees, I wore two thin pairs of gloves, but should have had mittens, very cold fingers. Long run tomorrow.


            How is everyonedoing

            PBs since age 60:  5k- 24:36, 10k - 47:17. Half Marathon- 1:42:41.

                                                10 miles (unofficial) 1:16:44.



              ... and I learned that when I don't run I am grumpy, less happy and unsurprisingly - fat! Big grin



              Isn't it surprising how that works?


              Simon, sorry to hear about your loss, and best wishes for a full recovery for your sister....  Hopefully this year will be much better....


              2010 wasn't the best year for me either as far as running goes...  I had to skip out on 2 of the races I had registered for because of injuries.  And  during both of the 2 half marathons I did run I got injured and didn't do as well as I was expecting to.  For both of those races I was doing really well by the half way mark and feeling good, right on target to beat my PR, then a few miles later I got pain in my left knee....  Slowed me down quite a bit for the first race, and the second race I ended up walking the last couple miles...


              Due to injuries I didn't make my mileage goals either (I was hoping for1500)...  I did manage to make 1000 miles though with a measly .2 mi to spare. 


              This year my main goal is to remain injury free... I have to learn how to not push myself too hard....


              I'm going to be serving overseas for most of the year and not quite sure how much time I'll have for running, so I'll keep my main mileage goal at 1000 miles, and if I can manage it I'll try for 1500, with a monthly minimum of 100 miles...


              And I would like to attempt to run a half marathon sub 1:50 before the end of the year, If I can arrange to run in one.


              Here's wishing everyone a healthy, injury free great running year 2011... 


              And nzrun, good luck with the race in Feb...  I'm sure you'll do good...



                Simon - I don't know how you do it! I did not run yesterday or today. It's 25F here!

                Normally I am OK running in 25 F but we also have about a 15MPH wind and I just cannot do it.

                Going to have to find a treadmill somewhere I guess.


                Anyway - I was meant to do 12 M last week (easing in to it) and I did... Got to get 16 in this week.


                Have a good one y'all - stay warm!

                2017 Goals
                1) Run more than 231 miles
                2) Be ready for  HM in the spring

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                  Happy New Year All. Opposite problem here....it is so hot!!  Just hill running and hiking here, still very low key.  Not sure on goals yet.  Was thinking full marathon but I don't really think I "want to" enough so may just be a half again.


                  Whatever i do is going to focus more on strength over speed. Slippery on the flat is my strong suit but i need to get more gutsy


                  More thought i think then an edit of this!!

                  Personal Race Records:

                  M 3:52:48 (Auckland 2011), HM 1:38:16 (Taupo 2010), 10km 45:05 (Sir Barry 2010), 5km 20:21 (How Pak 5km 2010)


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                    Happy 2011 everyone.


                    I too struggled with injury the second half of 2010 and have just started up again. Apologies for not participating here for the last few months, but it was just too depressing to read about your training/races while I was sidelined. Not sure what that says about my psychological make up, but I probably don't want to know. 


                    @nzrun - It's not surprising that "5km steepish downhill" would wear out your legs.  Looking at your logs, you've been very consistent (Nobby must be happy with you Wink ) and that should really pay off.  Exceeding your expectations in an 18km trail race, definitely bodes well for your first half.


                    MTA: I did not reach any of my 2010 running goals, so perhaps they will become my 2011 goals.  The only one I came close on was my goal for the 1/2 which I missed by 18 seconds.

                      Great to see my fellow kiwis nzrun and vinodrinker on here.


                      @awaldvogel - good to hear you are back running.  hope 2011 is better goal wise.

                      @simon - I hope 2011 is better all round, and in particular brings good news for your sister.


                      2010 was an amazing year for me, for many reasons, but those reasons included 3 half marathon PRs (out of 4 races - the 4th was an off-road incredibly hilly one that took me more than 20 mins longer than my best time!) So my PR went from 1.44 at the start of the year to 1.33 by the end.  


                      Goals for this year?  Well sub 1.30 has got to be the first one, but 1.27 is the overall aim.  This is the year of the half marathon!

                        How's everyone doing? The temp here got above 40 this afternoon, great for a run. I managed to get out for 10k and put me on target for my weekly mileage. Signed up for a 10k race in about 5 weeks time... No real goals for that just wanted to get something on the calendar. Hope your Januarys are going well. Cheers

                        2017 Goals
                        1) Run more than 231 miles
                        2) Be ready for  HM in the spring

                          Some very tough goals you are setting for yourself, Mandy! You are definitely going to have an achievement to be proud of if you can reach that level.

                          Nice to see you back, Lu and Awaldvogel.

                          Matt, I wish our winter weather was as benign as yours, we have had a week around the minus 10 C range, with bitter winds quite often.

                          I have done a little cross training but almost no running this month.

                          PBs since age 60:  5k- 24:36, 10k - 47:17. Half Marathon- 1:42:41.

                                                              10 miles (unofficial) 1:16:44.


                          Climbing Mt Ruapehu

                            Yay for all the crazy kiwis Big grin


                            Still not in running mode, been climbing with the kids Smile  Good training though - have a look at my movie if you want. Great effort by my twins!




                            I am looking at a slow start to the year and to build a base March-July and then 3 months hard training for a half marathon around sept/oct tbc.  Might end up being Auckland again or perhaps Taupo


                            Also going to throw in a 10km and some 5km.  I doubt I am going to break the 20 minute mark for 5km ever but will just see how it goes


                            I was happy to run my first two half marathons last year in sub 1:40 pace.  I do though wonder how much I have left in me - perhaps a 1:35 on my day


                            Goals may be


                            Sub 20min 5km

                            Sub 43 10km

                            1:35 HM

                            Personal Race Records:

                            M 3:52:48 (Auckland 2011), HM 1:38:16 (Taupo 2010), 10km 45:05 (Sir Barry 2010), 5km 20:21 (How Pak 5km 2010)


                            2012 Goals:
                            Run the 75km Hillary Trail in a day (done 10/3/2012)

                            Loves the outdoors

                              Looks like a great day vinodrinker and a great effort by your girls. I'd like to climb Mt Taranaki one of these days myself. My husband and I managed to get out tramping for 2 days in the Tararuas last week and it was so nice to get away from people and not be lugging children. The weather was good enough to just sleep out under a fly too! If we can convince some more relatives to babysit we might even get out again!


                              We take the kids on lots of walks too, but recently my 2 year old fell 20m down 2 switch-backs (so across the path below to give an idea of steepness) with me sliding to follow while yelling at my 4 year old and 6 year old to stand still. It was very scary and has diminished my confidence quite a bit. He was fine. But it has meant that I don't like going on my own as much now, so opportunities are more restricted to waiting until my husband can come too. 

                              One day I decided I wanted to become a runner, so I did.

                              Petco Run/Walk/Wag 5k

                                Haven't posted in awhile and owe a Decker Challenge report in the Race Reports thread.


                                SimonR: sorry for your loss and praying for the best for your sister.


                                The short version is I finished in 3:12. A tough hilly course. Longest run in my Vibram Bikila's. Felt strong at the finish and thinking I could have run faster. Glad I didn't, because I irritated right achilles tendon.


                                I relocated from Fort Worth, TX to Austin, TX in July 2010, and retired in Nov so I could run more. work was getting in the way of my running and I run to keep my heart beating. Along with MattJ, and I'm sure  others, I feel better and less grumpy when I run. It also lowers and helps me control my blood pressure and cholesterol. And to top it off - I enjoy it! Everything else is icing on the cake!


                                Although I should have known better I have had symptoms of overtraining. My new neighborhood is very hilly, grades of 3-10% throughout,  almost nothing level. (MattJ - I didn't know we had hilly neighborhoods in TX until the move to Austin!) I use low heart rate training (Dr Phil Maffetone's method) and was still building aerobic base so I didn't think I could overtrain. However the hills (I think), and probably age and medical/physical condition did me in. Not seriously, more annoyingly. I started having calf/shin issues almost everytime I went out, which was 5-7x/wk. Being dumb and stupid it took me awhile to figure it out. It actually took the Decker irritation of my achilles to get me thinking more about it. I guess I was following "insane" running all fall - doing the same thing and expecting different results! I missed my 1000 mi 2010 goal because of the achilles and spring work overload, but think I am on track to a better 2011. I've decided to add in some cross training, joined Planet Fitness at a $10/mon, no contract cost. Fits within my fixed income retiree budget! LOL. Am doing their 30 minute circuit, being sure not to let hr get into anerobic region as well as ellipical and walking on dreadmill on the gym days. Have also identified a nearby school track that is open to the public and some fairly level trails in the town north of me. I do mor walking in my neighborhood with slow running on the downhills and slower than my normal slow pace on uphills if not walking them. I walk a mi to the top of nearest hill before I start a slow jog down hill about .6 mi to the bottom. Faster maf running is done on the trails. Will probably use the track for maf testing. At the suggestion of my massage therapist and other RL & online runners have also added foam rolling of the left calf and quad. The therapist noted that both were full of knots. The combination seems to be helping.


                                Haven't been able to plan for next half marathon yet. Local DD (why we picked Austin to move to) got pregnant with twin boys shortly after we moved. She is due the end of March, but twins come early and we are hoping for late Feb to avoid NICU time for them. I might be able to sneak in a 10K in Feb (Capital 10K - can't remember the date) if I feel like my legs and conditioning are back. Finishing the 10k is not a problem, that's easy, but being competitive against my pb is the challenge.


                                Wishing everyone a great 2011!

                                bob e v
                                2014 goals: keep on running! Is there anything more than that?

                                Complete the last 3 races in the Austin Distance Challenge, Rogue 30k, 3M Half, Austin Full

                                Break the 1000 mi barrier!

                                History: blessed heart attack 3/15/2008; c25k july 2008 first 5k 10/26/2008 on 62nd birthday.