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    Hi all, I ran the Sharm El Sheikh 1/2 marathon on the March 13th... It was an awesome race although we did have a strong head wind... And when I crossed that finish line, I had no idea I had placed 2nd for the women... Yippee, I'm now a silver medalist... *smile* My time was 1:57:16, a full 2 minutes off my last PB... My next race is forcasted for May... Lu
      Wow! Second, what a great result! I guess we don't have to ask if it was hot? Do you mind me asking what happened 3 weeks ago, where there is a week in your log with almost no running? Congratulations on the new PB!

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        Congratulations, Lu! Forgive my ignorance, but where was the race? (I'm a typical American, lol)
          Congratulations to you as well. We now have to recent winners, you placing 2nd and Jules placing 1st.


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            Sharm El Sheikh is in Egypt at the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula. Simon, Three weeks ago I had a pain in my right leg. I'm not sure but I think it was shin splints so I took a few extra days off... After the 1/2 marathon in Sharm, my left ankle tightened right up. It had been a little stiff for about a week before the race. After PT on Sunday evening,(we were running, jumping and doing other exercises) it got worse and I could barely walk. The PTI said it was my Achilles tendon. So I went to the doctor yesterday morning and he told me "No Running" for 2 weeks... I'm going to go nuts... *smile* I guess a 2 week break will actually do me some good though... And at least it's only 2 weeks, then I'll start training again for my next 1/2 in May... I'm going to wait another day or 2 and then maybe do some cycling over at the gym... Lu
              Wow! Fantastic race! It's great that you get to race again in May . . . can't wait to read that RR!

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                Congrats on the 2nd place finish. Nice work.