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    Well, it was cold, windy and overcast except for about 6k in the middle where the sun was shining and it warmed up a few degrees. We (my neighbor and I) started off slow, it was crowded and we were over 12 mins after 2 k. We finally caught up with the 2 hour pace bunny and remained there for a while until finally passing him at about 9K. We were going great until about 16k where we hit the coldest, windiest section and slowed back to just below the 2 hour pace. We crossed the line together at 1:54:49 (gun time) with a chip time of 1:53.30. A PR for me! I was hoping for under 1:50 but the weather said no....not today Dave. I really enjoyed the race despite the cold...good crowds, great finish area and then we went out for a great Brunch.

    And tooooo much wine followed that...I feel shite today! Stats - 1316th out of 4191
    1:54:49.1 gun time - 5:27 1:53:21.6 chip time
    939/1983 - Men
    163/320 - men 35-39

    Looking forward to the full Marathon next Spring/Summer, somewhere. We are going to look for a nice place to travel too. Maybe Paris Smile Dave
      You rock, Dave! Now... time for a well earned rest... Sleepy

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        Hey, that's still probably a half-hour faster than I will run my own HM in 2 weeks--good work! What kind of temps were you guys running in? It's been quite windy here, too. At least the sun shone today, though...cool and breezy. k

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          Dave - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! lisa
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            zoomy, it was mid-forties. Not too bad...The cold didn't bother me as much as the windy parts though.

              zoomy, it was mid-forties. Not too bad...The cold didn't bother me as much as the windy parts though.
              Then the conditions for your hm were definitely worse than mine. All the more respect for your finish time! Congratulations! I think I know how you must feel Wink bas

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                Not postpartum for me. I took monday and tuesday off and rand weds and fri....felt great! Bring on the next race. (Saturaday - 8 k trail race that I am taking lightly - no chastising wingz!) Dave
                  Would I give you a hard time? /blinks innocently/ Have fun. Smile

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                    Late response ..but I hear in the Paris Marathon they give champagne at the Eiffel Tower water stop!!!
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                      I'm a little slow getting here, but...Congratulations on your PR! And I think wind is the enemy, so I'm dually impressed by your doing a PR w/ wind like that!! Great job!!!!!
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                        Well as far as PR's go it was a given...Only the 2nd time I ran that distance! Nonetheless I was satisified with the results. I am also happy i followed it up this week with a PR for 5m / 8k - 30:27 - on trail race to boot! coolll huh
                          Greate race, Daddyo! Finishing sub 2-hours in that weather is quite an accomplishment.