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Lisak, howdja do? Sjwick, is yours the 16th or 17th? (Read 369 times)

    Lisak, how was your HM? Tell us everything! Smile Sjwick, is yours today or tomorrow?
      All - I finished slower than I would have liked but met some great people along the way. Getting there was a challenge - foggy area, web directions took us to a locked gate (this was an Air Force base) but with some creative rules of the road bending we got there in time! Course was good - little hillier than I expected but great support from volunteers (a favorite was the XXX XXX oasis -with inflatable palm trees, music etc). At the end you run through 4-5 fighter planes to the finish and the full marathoners got their medals from a general! good food and swag - definitely put it on your list to do! Look forward to hearing more stories... lisa
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        Lisa, that does sound like a fun race! Was the course entirely on the base? Did you guys have to go through any sort of extra security for that? WTG--I'll bet you are looking forward to a few days off, now. How are you feeling? k

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          hello, I ran the same hm as lisak yesterday. Had a great time and it went really fast. I did better than what I thought I would being my first one and all. I wish I could have seen more of the base because the fog didn't burn off until mid morning. They had aid stations everywhere.. one had Mexican music playing and wearing sombreros.... an oasis with blow up palm trees. The course was mainly on base......the hills weren't too bad just one big one about 2 miles in...but i like hills. I had never ran a race where you have to cross paths and mesh with other runners on the course. Overall it was pretty well organized, there were so many volunteers wearing bright neon yellow shirts. This was the biggest race I had ever been too so I was a little in awe of how things went.
            Congrats on you - the fog did make it kind of cool and unique (although I did NOT like it trying to find the base!!) We did have to show official US id to get our numbers - mostly on base but did also run on an expressway (a first for me!) Taking today off and hope to do a couple easy miles tomorrow. GO BENGALS!! lisak
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              yay Bengals! Who dey! Congrats you guys!
                OK KatKelly - gotta ask - how do you put the red cross in your log on the twisted ankle day? I think I'm going to try to go for longer runs and less frequent...thanks for letting me peek at yours! lisa
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                  how do you put the red cross in your log on the twisted ankle day?
                  You choose New Health Note from the drop down on the Training Log page.