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Half in Geneseo, NY (Read 469 times)

    Thanks, guys!! I think having not done a long run for two weeks instead of one helped. Much of what I read in the past and more recently the writings of Dr. George Sheehan (in my day he was a god) suggests that once the long run reaches 12 miles or so, it is better to limit them to two week intervals in order to allow enough rest and recovery. I had originally wanted to run my half last Saturday which would have been one week from my last long run. When that day came, it not only was pouring rain courtesy of Tropical Storm Ernesto, but I still felt drained from the previous long run of 11 miles. So I had a two week taper instead of one and I felt refreshed today going in and pretty good throughout the run. I really anticipated a much slower pace so that alone has shown me the value of enough rest and recovery time. Tapering drives me crazy. I always think that I've got to get out there and run. But backing off really helped. I only wish I still had my 25 year old pace. Shi*, I'd be happy with my 40 year old pace. John

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      way to go John, congrats! Enjoy your fall -- I agree that it's the best season here in NY, though I have to drive in your direction to see great leaves.