Half Marathon Trainers


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    You certainly know from experience, MT!


    Only had time for a 5k fartlek today, got called in to work early.


    Docket I hope Trixie gets well.

    Good runs everyone, hope you all avoided the storm. (Last one this winter, surely?)

    PBs since age 60:  5k- 24:36, 10k - 47:17. Half Marathon- 1:42:41.

                                        10 miles (unofficial) 1:16:44.


      Pretty good run this evening for me. Started out looking for 6-7, as I got to 6, I bumped into a couple people that came to run in my neighborhood, so I tagged along with them and ended up with 10.1 miles. It sure was nice to run with someone for a change.

        , reading between the lines she was probably sending a text message.


        Sweet Jeebus, Simon!


        Here in CT, just a few towns south, a runner was killed last year by a teen checking internet on her phone on the way to school.


        Hyper awareness is key. Glad you're okay. Face traffic always.

        Come all you no-hopers, you jokers and rogues
        We're on the road to nowhere, let's find out where it goes

        Bad Ass

          It is sad when mostly everyone driving is either on the phone or texting.  I see them all the time as I drive or whenever I run.  They are way too distracted.



          "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

          It's always fucking hot in Miami!