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    I've just started running again (I am running 3 miles for my long run this week) and there's a HM on May 28th that I want to complete. Do you think that is enough time for me to train?
      I am with you on this one! I actually re-started running in December, and I want to do a marathon May 20th. For me, the second time around was so much easier than the first. Hopefully that is the case with you too! If you add 10 minutes each week, including this week, that'd give you about 4 weeks of base work. Then 16 weeks (which should be enough time) for a HM plan. I would just run all easy days and try to increase that one day to 60 minutes and then start a HM plan, like Runner's World smart coach. Good luck! Big grin
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        Plenty of time. Our training group started last Saturday for the May 5th Indy Mini. This week has been easy 2 milers Sat Sun. Tue-Thur with Mondy and Friday off. Next week the same but Sat is 3 miles.

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          You can do it, Ash! I used the same plan Kate's talking about, Smart Coach, at Runnersworld.com. I stuck pretty closely to the plan and I feel very well prepared for my Half. I basically started from nothing and followed a 12-week plan, but I don't have any time goals or anything. How are your 3 mile runs going? Good luck, and let us know how your training goes~


            I'm doing the hal higdon plan - I don't recall total number of weeks on that plan, but I intercepted it with 12 weeks to go before the HM I plan on running. I can't believe it's just a month away! eek!
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              I had looked on the internet for training plans, but hadn't found the Smart Coach yet - that's really cool - thanks for the suggestion! I'll definitely keep you all updated on my training progress! Big grin
                Just run your own pace and build a good base and you'll be fine!! Keep us posted!!
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                  Everyone else has given great advice...so I just wanted to wish you luck and say that I think you'll do great with the time you have! Big grin k

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